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5 Tips for Successful (and Sneaky) Matchmaking

by Shirley Jump

The Sweetheart SecretMy new release, THE SWEETHEART SECRET, features a trio of matchmaking grannies, determined to bring a happy ending to those they love. I know I’ve done the same thing–or tried to–surreptitiously, of course. Because the second you say, there’s someone I want to fix you up with, is the same second your friend is running for the hills. Greta and the rest of the Sweetheart Sisters master their matchmaking skills in THE SWEETHEART BARGAIN, THE SWEETHEART RULES, and are trying for a third-time charm in THE SWEETHEART SECRET. Even when the tables get turned on Greta, and when Dr. Colt Harper, their matchmakee, is determined to keep a secret from them.

So in a show of solidarity with Greta and the girls, here are my five tips for successful and sneaky matchmaking, all in the spirit of fun and happy endings for all 🙂

1. Always be on the lookout:  You know how style gurus tell you to keep a running mental list of what you need to complete your wardrobe (a perfect LBD, comfortable high heels, the right white button down shirt), in case you see something while you’re out shopping, so it should be with matchmaking. Keep a mental list of your single friends and what they are looking for in a mate, and when you see the perfect him or her, grab them like the last LBD on a clearance rack.

2. Look for that connecting dot: Remember those Connect the Dot puzzles you did as a kid? Connect 1 to 2, etcetera and voila, you see a giraffe taking shape. Do the same with your matchmaking. Grew up in the same city? Ca-ching, connecting dot. Like the same kind of cookies? Clearly, kismet!

Matchmaker couple3. Be un-obvious: You can’t just blurt out your intentions to pair up your friends. Instead, do what Greta did in THE SWEETHEART BARGAIN–show up with sandwiches for two and fake a hip injury to convince your intended pairing to get together. Then have a miracle healing and skedaddle.

4. Set the tone for love: If you invite the unaware matchmakees over for coffee or some other ruse, be sure to have fresh flowers in a vase and a little Barry White on the stereo. A platter of fresh baked cookies is good too. For any occasion 😉

5.  Do a little sleuthing: Nothing you can get arrested for, of course, but a little eavesdropping can give you the info you need to send a nudge in one direction or another. Greta and Pauline do a little B&E in THE SWEETHEART RULES, but I wouldn’t recommend that outside of a fictional world 😉

And if you prefer to read about matchmaking, rather than meddle, er, help those close to you find true love, give THE SWEETHEART SECRET a read. Colt and Daisy are determined to keep their long-dead (and secret) marriage platonic–until Greta and the girls get wind of lost love in the air and decide to bring them together.

Tell me, what matchmaking tip would you share? One lucky commenter will win a copy of their choice of one of the Sweetheart Sisters books!

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Shirley Jump

Shirley Jump

Writing has not only been Shirley Jump's Life, but also her passion. She wrote her first published article at the age of eleven and was hired as a reporter for a weekly newspaper at twelve. In the ensuing years, she wrote more than 3000 articles for national and local publications before turning her writing skills toward romance novels.

Originally from Massachusetts, she received a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Massachusetts, graduating with honors. She now lives in the Midwest with her husband and two children.

In addition to writing for Silhouette Romance, Shirley also writes single title romantic comedies for Kensington Books.

Readers can contact her at Shirley Jump, P.O. Box 5126, Fort Wayne, IN 46895 or by emailing her at Shirley@ShirleyJump.c om

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