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2 Christmas Books, 2 pen names, 1 Passion for Romance

Susan StephensWriting under two pen names is challenging, but fun. I come fresh to every story, desperate to begin, and sad to say goodbye to each and every character.

Susan Stephens stories feature exotic locations, hot dangerous men, and strong determined women, while Xandra King explores themes with a touch of the supernatural, or, as in Xandra’s most recent series of Hot Cosmic Shorts, I explore another passion of mine: astrological themes.

Best of all, both Xandra King and Susan Stephens have Christmas novellas out now!
Here’s a taste of my Susan Stephen’s Christmas novella, CHRISTMAS WITH THE BILLIONAIRE. This spicy hot, feel-good, holiday novella introducing my all-new Black-Heart series…

Christmas with the BillionaireCHRISTMAS WITH THE BILLIONAIRE

Fabulously wealthy entrepreneur Jason Kent hates Christmas. What Jason wants, Jason gets—which means solitude over the holidays to give him the chance to plot his next mega-value business deal. Content in his luxurious penthouse apartment, Jason is not prepared for the arrival of the whirlwind of change and challenge that is Ms. Kate Black.

Enter Kate—a no-nonsense sheep farmer’s daughter from the North of England.

House-sitting for a member of the British aristocracy over the holidays, Kate refuses to sit back and do nothing when she learns that the people in her block are going to be on their own over Christmas. Aided by the scruffy little yappy dog she has also taken on, Kate makes it her mission to bring everyone in her snooty building together.

Working flat out to throw the party of the year, Kate meets an unexpected obstacle in the form of a man who turns her sturdy bones to jelly. With her no-nonsense attitude towards sex, Kate soon finds that she is a lot more deeply involved than she had intended to become with a man whose appetite for life might match her own, but who travels on a very different track.

Available now for pre-order at iBooks, Amazon and KOBO. on November 10th!

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Christmas Nights at the Ladies ClubCHRISTMAS NIGHTS AT THE LADIES CLUB

If you enjoy this story, do look out for full-length novels coming soon, featuring Kate’s black-hearted brothers: Elijah, Nathan, and Bastien Black.

Xandra’s short hot Christmas novella CHRISTMAS NIGHTS AT THE LADIES CLUB features a downtrodden wife who is determined to inject her flagging home life with some energy and fun.
Jane finds more than she bargained for when she decides to form The Ladies Club at the vacant luxury time share units she manages. Auditioning hot young guys for her girlfriends’ pleasure and entertainment proves to be quite the eye-opener for sheltered Jane. Not only does she manage to completely revitalize her own love life, but she saves her girlfriends from sexual starvation too!

There are five more hot shorts on the way featuring Jane’s girlfriends. Don’t miss them!

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It just remains for me wish you all the merriest book-filled Holiday season ever, and the very best of everything in the New Year!


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Susan Stephens

Susan Stephens

Susan Stephens was a professional singer before meeting her husband on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta.

In true romance style they met on Monday, became engaged on Friday and were married three months later. They are still very much in love, though Susan does not advise her three children to return home with a similar story as she may not take the news with the same fortitude as her own mother!

Susan had written several non—fiction books when fate took a hand. At a charity costume ball there was an after—dinner auction. One of the lots — ‘Spend A Day With An Author’ — had been donated by bestselling Mills & Boon author Penny Jordan. Susan’s husband bought this lot, and Penny was to become not just a great friend, but a wonderful mentor who encouraged Susan to write romance.

Susan loves her family, her pets, her friends and her writing. She enjoys entertaining, travel and going to theatre and concerts. She reads voraciously, knits, cooks and plays the piano to relax, and can also be found throwing herself off mountains on a pair of skis or galloping through the countryside.

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