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12 Weeks of Goodness from Nikki Duncan

A last wish brings them together. Only love can keep them there.

HER MIRACLE MAN came to life one afternoon during an IM chat with my editor. Very quickly this story, that was intended to be a light and fun holiday read, took on a life of its own. I was doing more research than ever before and talking to some of the most interesting people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

I drove to Indianapolis with my mother and daughters where we reconnected with family we haven’t seen in a lifetime and visit areas I wanted to include in the story. I’m often asked which book or character is my favorite, and that’s an impossible question to answer. I can say, without hesitation, that HER MIRACLE MAN is the story I am most proud of. It is also the story that’s touched me on the deepest, personal level.

To celebrate the recent print release of HER MIRACLE MAN, I’m kicking off a contest with 12 weeks of prizes. What better place to kick that off than here? But first, I thought I’d share a favorite moment from the story.

“I would like to kiss you.”

The foundation beneath her feet trembled as if the house had been built on pillars of salt.
“Umm.” Again her body canted forward slightly. Her eyes felt suddenly heavy, much like her brain.

Slowly, still not blinking, Ryland lowered his head toward her. Shivers of anticipation lightened her. The moment stretched, hummed, as his lips grew closer and closer. His breath brushed her lips, he was so near, but still he didn’t kiss her.

“May I?”

“Kiss me?”

“If you think it wouldn’t be too distasteful.”

Please do. “I suppose it would be okay.”

“I’ll try not to disappoint,” he whispered.

Readers, what story has most touched you on a personal level?

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Nikki Duncan

Nikki Duncan

Nikki Duncan, jokingly known to some as Naughty Nikki, juggles her time between writing, multiple jobs, household duties, and family. Of all the things on her To Do List, Nikki neglects the household chores most frequently. Then again, who doesn't want to ignore laundry and dishes?

Before turning to writing, Nikki passed her spare time with a hundred or so romance books a year. While the reading has tapered off a bit, her love of books and reading is stronger than ever. She now spends large chunks of time indulging in her love of creating stories that will hopefully offer people the peace that, regardless of whatever is wrong with their life, hope and faith in something better can always be found between the covers of a book.

In an attempt to strengthen her writing and story-telling techniques, Nikki dissects published books to see how published authors accomplish things. She has taken classes to bone up on grammar and punctuation, and though she's always been a strong speller she's eternally grateful for spell check in Word. When she has extra time (ha-ha) she reads craft books, searches the web for writing tips and secrets, and picks the brains of other writers willing to share what they've learned. As if that's not enough, she inhales workshops on CD that even remotely pertain to her writing or future goals.

It may be seen as overconfidence, but Nikki never wondered IF she would be published. For her, it was a matter of WHEN, because the only way to succeed is to keep pushing forward and getting better.

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