From Killing to Kissing…

on August 10, 2017

A Thriller Author’s Journey to Happily Ever After By Dawn Klehr How’s that title for disturbing? I have to admit, the thriller junkie in me adores it! And the romance writer in me understands it completely. As the saying goes, there’s a thin line between love and hate…and I cross that line daily. Yes, I’m… Read More

Dawn Klehr

Dawn Klehr

Dawn Klehr is the author of the young adult thrillers: The Cutting Room Floor and If You Wrong Us. She began her career in TV news and though she's been on both sides of the camera, she prefers to lurk behind the lens. Mostly, she loves to get lost in stories --in film, the theater, or on the page -- and is a sucker for both the sinister and the sappy. She's currently channeling her dark side as she works on her next book. Dawn lives in the Twin Cities with her funny husband, adorable son, and naughty dog.

The Super Power of Friendship

on August 31, 2016

I write a lot about people who have amazing friends, and the teenagers in my books seem to naturally know how to be good friends, despite their flaws and challenges. They are there to help and rescue if someone needs rescuing. They are there to tell the truth and the hard truth if a friend… Read More

Poignant Debut Wins 2016 Oklahoma Book Award

on April 12, 2016

by Jeanne Devlin Every now and again, a book comes along that you have to tell others about—it’s like you’re compelled to do so. In the process, that book becomes a friend, one you cheer when good things happen to it, and one you turn to in moments of despair. In the spirit of full… Read More