on September 8, 2016

For years I wanted to write stories about young women struggling for a second chance in a small mid-western town. I knew this was not a popular genre and I stood the chance that no one would ever read the pages, or appreciate the stories, but I had to try. There is much of my… Read More

Geri Foster

Geri Foster

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Geri Foster For as long as she can remember, Geri Foster has been a lover of reading and the written word. By the seventh grade she had worn out two library cards and had read every book in her age area of the library. After raising a family and saying good-bye to the corporate world, she tried her hand at writing. To her surprise, she won a couple of contests, hooked up with a really great critique group and her writing career was well on its way. She spent several years studying her craft and developing her voice. Action, intrigue, danger and sultry romance drew her like a magnet. That's why she had no choice but to launch her published career with action-romance suspense. While she reads every genre under the sun, she's always been drawn to guns, bombs, and fighting men. Secrecy and suspense move her to write edgy stories about daring and honorable heroes who manage against all odds to end up with their one true love. To keep the serious side of life at bay, Geri likes to write hilarious sexy short stories for her fans, and in a new episodic format Geri is exploring the deeper, darker nuances of life and relationships in small-town mid-century America with her Love Released, Women of Courage serial.

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Summer Mysteries with a Touch of Romance

on August 9, 2016
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I’ve always thought of romantic suspense as being akin to having one’s cake and eating it too. And if I had any doubts about that, a trio of new novels set in small towns and out this month would put them to rest. The Queen of Small Town Thrillers Shiloh Walker starts off August with… Read More


on August 9, 2016
The Book of Beloved

by Carolyn Haines The Victorian ghost story became a Christmas tradition long before Charles Dickens wrote A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Some of the literary masters of the day indulged in chilling tales that were read around a fireplace while waiting for Old Saint Nick to pay a visit and fill the children’s stockings with sweets or… Read More

The Politics of Romance

on July 26, 2016
First Lady

When you think of romance, your first thoughts probably don’t go to a story about politicians or political wives. But with the GOP convention just over and the Democrats’ just begun, you can actually bury your nose in a book and still keep the theme of presidential politics going if you know where to look…. Read More

June Promises a Little Mystery

on June 7, 2016
The Long Night

What is more intriguing than a promise? The promise to love someone ‘til death do us part, the promise to return from war … the promise that some day the world will end. June finds authors exploring the mystery of promises both good and evil. New York Times Bestselling Author Stella Cameron leads off the… Read More

It’s Paragraph Six—and I Don’t Know Where I Am

on May 31, 2016

(The Importance of Grounding Your Readers) By Joanna Campbell Slan Imagine this: You open your eyes and have no idea where you are. In fact, you aren’t even sure what year it is. Checking your pockets, you realize you don’t have an I.D. and you can’t remember your name. Pretty disconcerting, isn’t it? But writers… Read More

The Art of Living

on May 27, 2016

By Elaine Viets I’m not a fan of house museum tours. I don’t like paying twenty bucks to look at rich people’s old furniture. There’s only one exception: Fort Lauderdale’s Bonnet House Museum & Gardens. My fifteenth Dead-End Job mystery, The Art of Murder, opens at Bonnet House, where I worked as a volunteer greeter…. Read More


on May 16, 2016
Murder in A Minor

by Janis Thomas As a writer, I’m known for my humorous women’s fiction—I call it Chick Lit for the Soccer Mom set. SOMETHING NEW, SWEET NOTHINGS, and SAY NEVER all deal with forty-something women and the trials and tribulations of parenthood, relationships, and finding their place in the world as they enter middle age. This… Read More


on May 9, 2016
rock-a-bye bones jacket - USA Today

by Carolyn Haines People often ask writers where ideas for books come from. I think it’s different for each story—a tidbit for a newspaper or magazine, a chance conversation with a friend, happening upon a historical fact while looking for something else, or maybe a dream. Sometimes, as in the case of Rock-A-Bye Bones, one… Read More

Another Book Releases! 

on May 5, 2016
To Catch a Treat

by Linda O. Johnston It’s not official until May 8, but my second Barkery & Biscuits Mystery, TO CATCH A TREAT, is about to be released.  I’ll be doing a launch party the day before at the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego, California, as part of the store’s Birthday Bash.  There’ll be other authors… Read More