Alpha versus Beta

on September 15, 2016

by Alice Gaines We all love an alpha hero.  He’s silverback—the man in charge.  Top dog.  CEO.  Reclusive billionaire who is as relentless in his pursuit of women as he is ruthless in his business dealings.  James Bond.  The man who lives for danger and is too big for the real world as most of… Read More

Alice Gaines

Alice Gaines

Alice Gaines loves her romance hot. She's been writing since forever and has no plans to give it up. Alice lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in a fixer-upper she never fixed up. When she's not writing, you'll find her knitting, crocheting, cooking, or vegetable gardening. Her main companions are her pet corn snake, Casper, and a collection of neglected orchids. She loves to hear from readers at You can join her newsletter at She periodically gives out her handmade items to people on her mailing list.

5 Really Terrible Places for a Hookup

on September 12, 2016

by Sarah Ballance Whether you’re writing about hooking up or out there doing it (HELL-o!) let’s face it: some places just don’t live up to their sexy reputations. In honor of the release of The 48-Hour Hookup, let’s take a look at some of the absolute worst places to get down and dirty. In the… Read More

Pets + Great Reads = Happiness

on August 11, 2016
Jolyse Barnett pet cat

by Jolyse Barnett Whenever I’m snuggling with my pet ragdoll mix, I’m content. Heck, just gazing at my little bundle of furry love gives me a warm, mushy, aww deep in my gut I only ever feel when I see animals, little ones, or a hunky guy holding either. The worries melt away, and for… Read More

Poetry Memorization 101

on July 25, 2016

by Margo Bond Collins In my day job, I, like Sadie Quinn, the heroine of Hot on His Heels, am a college English professor.  And I have always wanted to be one of those English professors who can recite poetry off the top of my head. Sadie Quinn is one of those professors—but for her,… Read More

When A Little Help Comes in Handy

on July 20, 2016

by Kira Archer I’m a big fan of a feisty heroine – you know, a girl who knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to speak it. A girl who can fight her own battles and maybe pitch in to help someone else too. This does not mean, however, that I don’t enjoy having a… Read More

My Bucket List

on June 20, 2016

by Kerri Carpenter In my new book, Tempting Mr. Wrong, the hero Lance has a bucket list he’s been compiling for years. Of course, his plans to complete the list are, ahem, waylaid by the heroine Carly. But it got me thinking about my own bucket list. So without further ado, please enjoy learning about… Read More

 Finding Your Inner Sexy

on March 23, 2016

by Stefanie London Feeling sexy can be tough. Between our own personal insecurities, busy schedules, and stressing out over meeting other people’s expectations, sexy is sometimes the last thing we feel. Learning to be comfortable in one’s own skin is something that often comes up for the heroines I write. Whether they’re unsure how to… Read More

Home is a State of Mind

on November 16, 2015

By Heather Thurmeier I’ve had many, many homes in my life. My parents got wanderlust every so often and liked to move. There were five places I called home before moving out of my parents’ house and getting married. Since then, I’ve lived with my husband in five different apartments and houses in the fifteen… Read More

Best Kiss Ever

on July 1, 2015

by Boone Brux I had an ideal romance once. It was amazing, the things romance novels are made of, but it was very short lived, which was probably for the best. When I was twenty-something, my girlfriend and I traveled through Europe. While in England I met a guy—let’s call him Spike. Spike looked like… Read More

Music. Inspiration. Love.

on March 26, 2015

by Maggie Kelley – I am a proud owner of a first-generation iPod, the original, clunky white one with the scroll wheel. Yeah, that’s me. My husband surprised me with it one afternoon years ago and I still consider it one of the sweetest, most romantic gifts I’ve ever received. The music of my life… Read More