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Domain Reservation
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You can reserve a domain name with Writerspace free of charge until you're ready to use it. You will still be charged InterNic's registration fee of $35 per year, but there is no charge from Writerspace for setting up or reserving your domain for as long as you like. If you have not already done so, go here to make sure the domain you are requesting is available. Then fill out the form below and it will be registered with InterNic and put on hold for you.
Please Note: If you have already submitted a new registration form, please do not submit a second time. If you are unsure if your first request was received, email me with the domain name.

Your Email:
Your First Name:
Your Last Name:

Organization Using Domain Name:

This is the person, company or organization that will have legal ownership of the domain name.
Full Domain Name Being Requested required
(Be sure to include .com or .net but do not include www)
Company: required
Address required
City required
State required
Postal Code required
Country Code (see list) required

Billing Information:
Internic charges $35 per year to register a domain name, billing the first two years in advance. Fill in the form below to indicate where Internic should send the bill for the domain name.
FirstName required
Last Name required
Organization Name required
Address required
City required
State required
Postal Code required
Country Code (see list) required
Phone required
E-mail required
All Invoices from Internic will be sent via email We recommend that you use an email address that will not change over the next 3 months.

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