Book news at last! It's BIG NEWS, too

September 12, 2017

Dearest Readers,

Hi, it's me, breaking radio silence! How the heck are you? I have so much news to share with you, and I'm anxious to catch up.

It's been a terrific year so far here. My daughter got engaged to a wonderful young man, and will be married in the spring. I'm learning lots about planning a modern wedding. One thing I can promise is that the bridesmaids will not be wearing miniskirts with midriff tops, like the ones we saw at the bridal salon. We are all relieved. All our critters are fat and happy. (Probably a little too fat, but still beloved.) We had a houseful of family here in Southern Illinois for the August 22 eclipse, and no one left with eye damage. Whew.

Inside, trying out my fancy glasses!

But what, you might wonder, about the book projects I've got going on? Life is life, but books are books!

Happy Paperback Birthday to The Abandoned Heart!

Today, The Abandoned Heart, the Bliss House story that started all the heartbreak and excitement at Bliss House, is finally out in paperback! I can't believe it's been a year since this last (first!) installment of the saga came out. If you know Charlotte's Story, and Bliss House, you'll learn the answers to so many questions. If you're new to the series, you'll have your own questions, but also the keys to unlock the other books.

[cover: The Abandoned Heart]

The BIG news is that I'll have a BRAND NEW BOOK out in early 2019, with a brand new publisher. Mulholland Books, which is know for its stable of fabulous crime writers, will bring out my suspense novel, One Last Secret, in hardcover. (It will be published in the UK and Germany, as well.) One Last Secret is a straight suspense novel — not a ghost to be found — about a St. Louis woman who comes home from a short trip to discover the locks on her house changed, and a stranger living inside.

More book news: My cozy novel, Small Town Trouble, featuring Carolyn Haines's black cat detective, Trouble, will be out in mid-January—ahead of schedule. Kidnapping, new love and murder in a small Kentucky lakeside town. I can't tell you how fun it's been to write. Check out the first books in the Trouble series, here. Right now, Familiar Trouble is free!

Back in late April, I attended the Mystery Writers of America Edgar awards, where I was nominated, along with four other writers who put stars in my eyes, for the Edgar Short Story Award. I didn't win, but I truly consider it an honor to be nominated. Ditto for my 2017 ITW Thriller Short Story Award nomination.

Where I'll Be

Bouchercon 2017 in Toronto, October 12-15th. Even though there are hundreds of authors and even more fans, I try to spend time with everyone I can. Then I miss everyone terribly until the next year. Bouchercon 2018 is in St. Petersburg, FL. I just this minute registered for the September event—as a sign of confidence that all will be well in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Sylvie, the sleepy black piano cat.

Last Thing

After a lovely, restorative summer break, I'm back blogging daily at my website. Sign up here to get it first thing every morning! This season I'm concentrating more on books and interviews, but you probably already know that I'm occasionally distracted by other fun, shiny objects. (And, starting next week, look for some new book giveaways on the blog...)

I hope you're safe and well. So many people have been devastated by recent weather events—flooding, winds, fires, monster storms—losing not only their homes, and pets, but jobs, and even their loved ones. Be good to each other. Donate to helpful causes like the Red Cross. Every little bit helps us help each other every day.

Thinking of you, dear readers.

P.S. Four new or coming-soon books that you'll definitely want to check out. I enjoyed them all!

Jeff Abbott: Blame
Susan Elia MacNeal: The Paris Spy
J.T. Ellison: Lie to Me
Anne Bogel: Reading People (non-fiction)

[cover] [cover] [cover] [cover]