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Hello, my loves! How is your January going? We recently had a huge ice storm that locked us down in the house for three days. I must admit, it was fun. We drank hot cocoa, played our new obsession card game Unstable Unicorns, and watched tons of movies. And books, of course. I'm always reading new books!

Let's get started on some fun stuff to warm up your month!

All Roads Lead to You - Stay Series Book 3!

I'm so excited to share the pre-order link for my newest installment in the STAY series! I'm still waiting on the cover which I'll reveal in next month's newsletter installment, but at least you can be sure this book will be awaiting on your Kindle the moment it releases!

Harper's story was special to write, and this book contains all the things I love most in the world. I think you'll find her and Aidan's story will capture your heart and provide the perfect summer read!

Available for pre-order:


For all of the Amazon readers who belong to Kindle Unlimited, I'm thrilled to announce for a limited time, the beloved classic, The Marriage Bargain, is available FREE! Re-discover the magic of the romance that spent 27 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list!



With over forty books published, it was time to update my site. I'm excited to share the new sleek, elegant design and I think you'll find it easy to navigate, especially on your mobile device. Click through and discover free reads, fun interviews, book trailers, audio samples, and bonus extras. There's also a contest every month I hope everyone takes advantage of.

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Upcoming Events for 2019

Will I see any of you at these events? I love chatting, signing your books, and giving hugs!

RARE Paris, April 6th
Indie Con - Dallas TX - May 3-4
RWA NYC Marriott - July 25-27
Readers on the River with JR Ward - Kentucky - September 12-13
Masterclass on Write Naked - CT (location TBA) - September 28 9-5pm
Emerald City RWA Conference - Seattle Washington - October 18-19

Deleted Scene from A Brand New Ending!

[cover: A Brand New Ending]

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Did you love A Brand New Ending? I love to include readers on my writing journey, and editing is a huge part of it. Many scenes get left on the cutting room floor, but I enjoy giving you these extras. This is the original scene I wrote, which was completely revised to better fit the flow of the book. I'll never underestimate the power of a good editor! Enjoy!

Ophelia glared at him through the lace curtain. Did the man never give up?

"Are we trapped in Groundhog Day?" she called out through the window. "Cause I'm still not letting you stay no matter how many times you show up on my doorstep."

He lifted both hands in surrender. "I just need to talk to you. I promise it won't take long."

"Tell me through the window."

He arched a brow. "Really? I once kissed and licked every naked inch of your body, heard your screams, gave you endless orgasms, and you won't even give me five minutes?"

She gasped, jerking the door open. Her cheeks burned. "Damn you, don't talk like that!" she whispered furiously. She grabbed his arm, looked around to see if anyone had heard, and yanked him inside.

Those gorgeous lips pressed tight as if to hold back his laughter. "Gee, thanks." He shivered and stamped the snow from his boots. A leather laptop case was tucked under his arm. "Pretty cold out there. My body still hasn't converted from California."

"Are you crazy? What if Ethan or Mia or Harper was out there? Are you trying to blow up my life?"

"Sorry, but you gave me no other options." His eyes flared as if he was remembering every detail of every dirty thing they'd done together. And damn him for the devil he was, because aching heat throbbed between her legs and itched at her skin. Like a drunk heading for a bender, her head spun from his nearness, and she suddenly craved things she hadn't for a long time.

No. One sip would put her in the wet, stinky gutter of hell. She was stronger than her ID. She decided to go on the attack and distract herself.

"You sicced my own brother on me. And Mia! How did you get her to like you so fast?"

He grinned. "Close quarters for the past few nights. Plus, I made nice with Hei-Hei. Got me my in. Can I have some coffee?"


"Are you really a bed and breakfast owner or is this a façade? Your mother would be outraged. She'd offer coffee to the most hated criminals."

A smile threatened because he was right. She despised giving in to his easy charm, but there was no reason to talk in the foyer. Ethan had already begged her to give him another chance and have a long discussion about their "fight." She let out an impatient breath and motioned him in. "One cup."

She led him to the rear dining room where it was more casual and adjacent to the kitchen. "Are those muffins?" he asked hopefully.


He chuckled. Even though it was her week off, she'd been playing with some different recipes and decided to try out the orange carrot. Mia liked veggies in her cake, and baking helped soothe her. God knows she hadn't slept well since he'd arrived. She kept waiting for him to leave since Ethan's bungalow wasn't conductive to three people, but he was still here.

She grabbed a mug, automatically putting in two sugars for him, then grabbed one of the muffins. Might as well have him try them out first. Maybe they sucked.

"Thank you." He glanced around at the empty room. "No guests today?"

She rolled her eyes and slid into the seat across from him. The more distance the better. "I have a couple coming this weekend, but right now I'm alone. I haven't changed my mind."

His large hands cupped the mug, and he pondered his coffee for a few moments before he spoke. "Do you hate me that much?" he asked softly.

She jerked in her seat. She didn't want to do this. Once, he'd been her everything, but examining the past too intensely only led to more pain. "No. I could never hate you—it would be like hating part of myself. But I don't want you around. I don't want to be reminded of us ever again."

He lifted his gaze. Those green depths burned like a forest fire. "We may have a problem, then. There's something I came to tell you."

Her nerves tingled with the warning. Immediately, she sensed everything would change. The trembling began deep and broke slowly apart; the words hovered on his carved lips and she almost told him to stop, that she didn't want to know, that she wanted him to go away and keep his truth. Instead, she steeled herself, lifted her chin, and waited.

"We're still married, Ophelia."


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