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Hi, everyone!

It feels as if it was just yesterday we were talking about Project Duchess, and now I'm ready to talk about Seduction on a Snowy Night, which comes out September 24th! If you've read Project Duchess and have been curious about Heywood, who appeared in that book's epilogue, you'll have your chance to read his story in my novella for the anthology—"A Perfect Match." Plus, you'll get novellas from Mary Jo Putney and Madeline Hunter, two of my friends and colleagues. I hope you'll check it out and tell me what you think by reviewing it at one of the usual places—Goodreads, booksellers online like Amazon and Apple Books, and your favorite social media spots. I'm always open to opinions.

In other news, I'm still recovering from my meniscus surgery, although I did manage to travel to Virginia with my brother to help my parents celebrate their 62nd anniversary. Nothing screams romance like 62 years of marriage. In order to make that milestone, Rene would have to live to be 94! But we're past the halfway mark for it, having just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary.

Thorn's book is still a bear, but it's getting there. I hope things are going well for all of you, and that every book you read is satisfying.


NEW Duke Dynasty Stories!

Whisked away from a wintry ball by the officer she knew only through letters, Cassandra Isles struggles with her feelings for the commanding Colonel Lord Heywood. For he, secretly a fortune-hunter, must marry for money to save his estate—and Cass, secretly an heiress, will accept nothing less than love. Read an excerpt from "A Perfect Match" here!

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Chances are, you'll finish reading "A Perfect Match" in one sitting. The good news is, you won't have to wait long for the next full-length novel in the series, The Bachelor, which comes out February 25, 2020. As a special treat just for my newsletter subscribers, I'm sharing an excerpt here before you can read it anywhere else. Make sure you scroll to the end of the newsletter to read the excerpt in its entirety. If you'd like to pre-order the book, you can do so from your choice of book retailers listed below. Happy reading!

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Regency Tidbit

It's a bit early to talk about the holidays, but since my Christmas story is coming out any day now (and decorations are already showing up in places), I figure y'all will forgive me. Most people are unaware that many of our most popular Christmas carols don't date back very far. "Silent Night" was first composed in 1818 and didn't make it to other countries until decades later. "Angels We Have Heard on High," "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear," and "Away in a Manger" are mid-Victorian. All of our secular carols are from the 20th century and on. So instead of putting a carol in my Christmas story, I put phrases from an assortment of carols from all periods into the mouths of my unwitting characters. There are nine of them. Have fun finding them!

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September Contests

I always loved this time of year because it meant shopping for a whole new stash of art and school supplies. If that sounds familiar, you'll love this month's contest prize—The Big Book of Art Deco coloring book and colored pencils and an autographed copy of The Art of Sinning, the launch book in my Sinful Suitors series.

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Exclusive ARC Giveaway!

Who wants to read and review "A Perfect Match," my novella that appears in the Seduction on a Snowy Night anthology coming out September 24? If you're interested, send a message to my assistant, Becky, at assistant2sabrinajeffries@yahoo.com with "Seduction on a Snowy Night ARC" in the subject line by Friday, September 6, for a chance to win one of ten copies. As always, I appreciate honest reviews—even one to two lines—from readers on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other bookish blogs. Good luck!

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An Exclusive Excerpt from The Bachelor

          Gwyn froze. Joshua was kissing her. Kissing her. Although, come to think of it, he wasn't kissing her so much as putting his lips on hers. His mouth wasn't moving, and his free hand sat lightly on her waist. What's more, they both had their eyes open, which was unlike any kiss she'd shared with any other man.
          That was why she was able to see the fellow they'd been watching walk past them, then pause to look at them. With her heart pounding, she closed her eyes and threw her arms around Joshua's neck.
          She'd merely done it to throw the stranger off. Or perhaps she'd done it because she wanted a real kiss? Either way, everything changed then. It was as if Joshua forgot his real purpose for kissing her, because a groan escaped him and his mouth began to move roughly on hers.
          It sent her pulse beating wildly. He smelled of honey water, soap, and sun-warmed leather. She hadn't expected him to smell so enticing.
          Or kiss so well. This kiss wasn't tender so much as it was thorough, with great, hungry forays meant to conquer her. And when she parted her lips for him, he took the invitation with wild ferocity, driving his tongue into her mouth over and over and leaving thrills in his wake.
          Now this was what it meant to be kissed. She hadn't expected that from him, of all people.
          Next thing she knew, he had her up against the building and had dropped his cane so he could brace himself with a hand on either side of her. Why did the very act of his imprisoning her against a wall make her melt like butter all over the side of the carriage house?
          She didn't know, didn't care. She just wanted more. Joshua's kiss was a glorious feast that she gobbled up greedily. The surprising softness of his mouth contrasted with the brush of his whiskered jaw against her skin.
          The first fierce thrusts of his tongue now slowed to seductive strokes that made her weak in the knees. She clung to his neck like a cloud to a mountain. He moved one of his hands beneath her cloak to her ribs, then slid it up and down in a slow, sensual glide that sent a cascade of sensations along her nerves. She wanted him to touch her in other places, more private places.
          Lord, but the man knew how to kiss a woman, hold a woman. How delightfully unexpected.
          So when at last he pushed away from her, a keen disappointment burned in her throat. His eyes seemed to search her face in the dusk that thankfully hid them from anyone near the inn.
          "He's gone, isn't he?" Joshua rasped.
          Her brain was so fogged by enjoyment that she nearly said, "Who?" But she caught herself in time.
          She surveyed the road beyond them. "I'm afraid so." She hoped Joshua couldn't tell how her voice shook.
          "Damnation." Frowning, he glanced down the now empty thoroughfare. "I got caught up . . . I forgot . . ." He bent to pick up his cane. "Never mind. I lost my chance."
          "To do what?"
          "Follow him."
          "Oh. Right." She struggled to hide the hurt his angry words inflicted.
          Like a fool, she'd thought their kiss actually meant something to him. She should have known better. This was Major Wolfe, for whom everything was a marine mission, even the clattering of pewter mugs in the street. Their kiss had merely been a means to an end.
          No, she couldn't be that wrong about the effect she had on him, could she? She'd been kissed often enough to be able to tell the real from the false. Theirs had been a real kiss. And the fact that Joshua had deepened the kiss and caressed her . . .
          That said a great deal.
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