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When I first decided to make my October blog about finding your voice, I planned to come at the subject from a writer’s perspective.

Find Your Voice.

In other words, what is your style? Punctuation. Syntax. Character development. Something that makes you stand out. A unique voice in a sea of millions.

However, as the events of the last few weeks have unfolded, the definition shifted and broadened in my mind. Sexual harassment in all its disgusting and varied forms has been around since the dawn of time. Ugly and pervasive, the damage can, and does, last a lifetime.

What has given me hope in so much gloom, are the voices crying out from the darkness? Everyday. More and more.

Women have come forward with their stories and empowered other women to do the same. After years of living in shame and fear. After thinking they were alone and had nowhere to turn. They Found Their Voices.

Now, we need to keep the voices strong and loud. We can’t let ourselves go back. Or forget. Or pretend things are better because we want them to be.

Women need to support each other. Men need to step up and lend their support. Don’t point fingers at the victims. We all need to do better. Teach your children well. Teach them respect. Teach them compassion. Teach them to Use Their Voices.

Every day. For ourselves and future generations.

Be brave. Be kind. Be strong.

Be vocal.

Mary J. Williams

Mary J. Williams

Mary J. Williams

It Has Always Been My Dream To Write A Book

And I always knew it would be a romance novel. When I was a teenager I assumed my book would have a historical setting, those were the kinds of stories I liked best, I even grew my hair long so I could be like the heroines in my favorite stories. But now I see myself and my books in the present dealing with the joys and sorrows of our modern world. Harper Falls is a place my imagination dreamed up, but it is based in reality. I grew up in Washington State and went to school in a small town on the Columbia River. Harper Falls is that town but an idealized version. I hope you enjoy reading about the town and the characters.

And as much as I enjoyed telling their stories, these books are not the end of my dream but the beginning.

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