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Sunday, October 27th
8pm to 11pm Eastern Time
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Writerspace Authors:

  • Catherine Anderson
  • Christina Dodd
  • Sabrina Jeffries
  • Jayne Ann Krentz
  • Elizabeth Lowell
  • Linda Lael Miller
  • Diana Palmer
  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • Rebecca Zanetti
  • Shayla Black
  • Kim Boykin
  • Barbara Bretton
  • Stella Cameron
  • Eden Carson
  • Debra Clopton
  • Sylvia Day
  • Cat Devon
  • Kaylan Doyle
  • JT Ellison
  • Shoshanna Evers
  • A.S. Fenichel
  • Dara Girard
  • Amelia Grey
  • Laura Griffin
  • Shirley Hailstock
  • Sandra Hill
  • Madeline Hunter
  • Julie James
  • Nicole Jordan
  • Shirley Jump
  • Susan Kearney
  • Ann Lawrence
  • Cheyenne McCray
  • Marliss Melton
  • Lucy Monroe
  • Molly O'Keefe
  • Carly Phillips
  • Candice Poarch
  • Jennifer Probst
  • Mary Jo Putney
  • Erin Quinn
  • Francis Ray
  • Deanna Raybourn
  • J.K. Rock
  • Joanne Rock
  • Sheldon Russell
  • Robin Schone
  • Jessica Scott
  • Susan Sizemore
  • Roxanne St. Claire
  • Wendy Corsi Staub
  • RaeAnne Thayne
  • Wendy Wax
  • Sandra Worth

  • Berkley/Jove Authors:

  • Gerry Bartlett
  • Sarah Bryant
  • Pamela Clare
  • Sylvia Day
  • Lila DiPasqua
  • Jasmine Haynes
  • Faith Hunter
  • Madeline Hunter
  • Virginia Kantra
  • Jayne Ann Krentz
  • Kasey Mackenzie
  • Erin McCarthy
  • Kate Moore
  • Robin D. Owens
  • Maggie Robinson
  • Robin Schone
  • Laura Spinella
  • Wendy Wax
  • Veronica Wolff
  • Sandra Worth

  • Signet/NAL Authors:

  • Catherine Anderson
  • Melissa Bourbon
  • Amanda Lee
  • Elizabeth Loupas
  • John Shors
  • Sharon Sobel
  • Elaine Viets
  • Livia J Washburn
  • Emma Wildes
  • Veronica Wolff

  • Prime Crime & Obsidian Authors:

  • Janet Bolin
  • Melissa Bourbon
  • Ali Brandon
  • Sheila Connolly
  • E.J. Copperman
  • Krista Davis
  • Linda O. Johnston
  • Joyce and Jim Lavene
  • Amanda Lee
  • Kylie Logan
  • Leigh Perry
  • Elaine Viets

  • After Midnight Authors:

  • Shayla Black
  • Sylvia Day
  • Beth Williamson

  • The Goddess Blog Authors

  • Madeline Hunter
  • Sabrina Jeffries
  • Lori Austin
  • Claudia Dain
  • Rachel Gibson
  • Karen Hawkins
  • Julia London
  • Suzanne Enoch
  • Barbara O'Neal
  • Christie Ridgway

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    The following bestselling authors are contributing to the fun at the 2013 Halloween Mash! Visit their websites for more information about the "treats" they will give away on Sunday, October 27th! Just click on their names for more information.


    JT Ellison

    Buy at Amazon.com
    Buy at BN.com

    JT is giving away 5 Diamond Keychains!

    Available Now

    Welcome to the brand new Nicholas Drummond series. In THE FINAL CUT, Drummond, a New Scotland Yard DCI, is drawn into an intrigue in New York, with the Koh-i-Noor diamond stolen from the Met by an illustrious burglar, the Fox!

    For more contests, excerpts and more, visit JT Ellison at www.jtellison.com

    Shoshanna Evers

    Buy at Amazon.com
    Buy at BN.com

    Shoshanna is giving away the winner's choice of one of the Enslaved Trilogy ebooks!

    Available with pre-order sale price NOW - releases November 25, 2013

    Book One in the heart-pounding Pulse Trilogy—a gripping erotic romance set in post-apocalyptic New York City one year after an electromagnetic pulse destroys America’s power grid. "Intense, exciting, and sizzlingly sexy—a perfect post-apocalyptic romance!" (Heather Thurmeier, bestselling author of Escape to My Arms and Stuck on You) Emily Rosen lives in a military camp at Grand Central Station, where women sell their bodies to soldiers for extra rations. When she discovers a dark secret—that America is rebuilding outside of New York City, and everything the city’s refugees have been told is a lie—she escapes, the soldiers hot on her heels... But Christopher Mason, a convict who broke out of prison after the Pulse, finds Emily first. Although he’s survived this long on the streets by looking out only for himself, Emily is beautiful, alluring, and impossible to leave behind. Now Emily must convince this intimidating, magnetic stranger to be her guide as they journey out of New York and into the unknown. She’ll barter with her body, but sex with Mason can never be currency—it’s pure passion, and everything she desires. Despite the crumbling world around them, can Emily and Mason discover true love blooming in the darkest of places?

    For more contests, excerpts and more, visit Shoshanna Evers at www.ShoshannaEvers.com

    A.S. Fenichel

    Buy at EllorasCave.com

    A.S. is giving away a $10 Amazon GC!

    Available November 1, 2013

    Finally recovering from a devastating divorce, Charley is given the opportunity of a lifetime when she’s offered a job shooting photographs for an Alaskan cruise catalogue. Kyle loves his life. The ship’s playboy first officer has his future all worked out and it doesn’t involve falling for the beautiful new photographer. The two find passion and comfort on the high seas and Charley learns the joys of being completely uninhibited when the partner is just right. But in eight short days she’s going to walk off the ship and Kyle’s going to start is next voyage without her. Can Kyle prove to Charley that they are more than just hot sex? Sacrifice is the only way to stay together, but the price might just be too high. A Romantica® contemporary romance from Ellora’s Cave

    For more contests, excerpts and more, visit A.S. Fenichel at www.asfenichel.net

    Laura Griffin

    Buy at Amazon.com
    Buy at BN.com

    Laura is giving away two signed copies of the bestselling new book EXPOSED!

    Available Now

    Every picture tells a story. But not all of them have happy endings. As a forensic photographer at the Delphi Center crime lab, Maddie Callahan is used to seeing violence up close, but she’s never before been the target of it. When a freelance photo shoot goes awry, she realizes she may have seen, and perhaps photographed, the kidnapping of a key witness in a federal probe. And although her camera was stolen, Maddie knows she has something that could be even more valuable to investigators. FBI agent Brian Beckman has spent months investigating a vicious criminal known as the Doctor, only to have a key witness abducted on his watch. Worse, he’s falling for the woman who may be the Doctor’s next target. Maddie’s aloof facade hides a world of hurt that he wants to heal, no matter how much she keeps him at bay. But first he has to protect her from the danger that’s just out of focus, drawing close enough to shoot . . . and kill.

    For more contests, excerpts and more, visit Laura Griffin at www.lauragriffin.com

    Shirley Hailstock

    Buy at Amazon.com
    Buy at BN.com

    Shirley is giving away an e–book copy of SOMETHING TO REMEMBER!

    Available Now

    Rachel Jordan’s world changed after her accident. It continues to alter while she’s on vacation. She’s confused and can’t remember simple things. She’s losing people and memories, and fears her mind is going too. The only thing that remains constant is a mysterious man who appears out of nowhere and haunts her every step.

    For more contests, excerpts and more, visit Shirley Hailstock at www.shirleyhailstock.net

    Sandra Hill

    Buy at Amazon.com
    Buy at BN.com

    Sandra is giving away three books from Viking Series I to one winner!

    Available November 26, 2013

    Wouldn't it be exciting to be captured by pirates? But what if the pirates were women, and their victim was the wildest Viking to ever ride a longship. Laughter and sizzle guaranteed!

    For more contests, excerpts and more, visit Sandra Hill at www.sandrahill.net

    Don't forget to register for the "treats" -- http://www.writerspace.com/halloween/register.html

    All winners will be selected from the registered trick-or-treaters, you need not be in the chat room to win.


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