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  June Contests

  • Catherine Anderson
  • Robyn Carr
  • Christina Dodd
  • Sabrina Jeffries
  • Jayne Ann Krentz
  • Elizabeth Lowell
  • Linda Lael Miller
  • Diana Palmer
  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • Rebecca Zanetti

  • After Midnight Authors
  • Victoria Alexander
  • Leanne Banks
  • Anya Bast
  • Laura Benedict
  • Berkley~Jove Authors
  • Berkley Prime Crime~
       Obsidian Mystery
  • The Best Reviews
  • Kim Boykin
  • Allison Brennan
  • Elizabeth Briggs
  • Stella Cameron
  • Sarah Castille
  • The Cat House on the Kings
  • Ann Christopher
  • Debra Clopton
  • Dani Collins
  • Melissa Cutler
  • Margaret Daley
  • Justine Davis
  • Kyra Davis
  • Sylvia Day
  • Thea Deine
  • Laura Drewry
  • Riley Edgewood
  • Louisa Edwards
  • J. T. Ellison
  • Bronwen Evans
  • Shoshanna Evers
  • A.S. Fenichel
  • Marie Ferrarella
  • Maria Geraci
  • Dara Girard
  • Paula Graves
  • Laura Griffin
  • Carolyn Haines
  • Jennifer Hayward
  • Kristan Higgins
  • Sandra Hill
  • Madeline Hunter
  • Julie James
  • Suzanne Johnson
  • Joan Johnston
  • Lisa Renee Jones
  • Nicole Jordan
  • Vanessa Kelly
  • Kat Martin
  • Dana Marton
  • Dale Mayer
  • Lucy Monroe
  • NAL/Signet/Onyx
  • Molly O'Keefe
  • Carly Phillips
  • Candice Poarch
  • Jennfer Probst
  • Erin Quinn
  • Francis Ray
  • Deanna Raybourn
  • Karen Robards
  • Joanne Rock
  • Karen Rose
  • Jessica Scott
  • Alexandra Sokoloff
  • Alexandra Sokoloff
  • Roxanne St. Claire
  • Wendy Corsi Staub
  • V. K. Sykes
  • RaeAnne Thayne
  • Augustina Van Hoven
  • Shiloh Walker
  • Tawny Weber
  • Susan Wiggs
  • Danica Winters
  • Sherryl Woods
  •   May Winners

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    June Contests at Writerspace

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    On Sale NOW!
    Jennifer Probst is offering one lucky *a special prize*.                                                                                                                                       

    You can find her contest at http://www.jenniferprobst.com/contest/

    On Sale 06-30-15!

    On Sale NOW!
    Erin Quinn is offering one reader a digital (eBook) copy of any one of her published titles (reader’s choice).                                                                                                                                       

    You can find her contest at http://www.erinquinnbooks.com/Contest.htm

    On Sale NOW!

    FrancisRay.com is offering one lucky reader a paperback copy of ALL THAT I NEED.                                                                                                            

    You can find her contest at http://francisray.com/?page_id=416

    On Sale NOW!

    Deanna Raybourn is giving away a signed book club set—10 copies of CITY OF JASMINE (One winner of ten signed books for them to share with nine pals or their book group.).                                                                                          

    You can find her contest at http://www.deannaraybourn.com/contest.html

    On Sale 09-01-15!

    Karen Robards is giving away a paperback edition of HUNTED.                                                                                                                                       

    Just visit http://www.writerspace.com/contests/karenrobards.html to enter the contest.

    On Sale 07-21-15!

    Win a prize pack of romances by Joanne Rock including HIGHLY CHARGED, ALL SHE WANTS, UNDERCOVER FESTIVITIES and THE RIGHT MOVES.                                                                                          

    Just visit http://www.joannerock.com/contest/ to enter the contest.

    On Sale NOW!

    Karen Rose will be giving one lucky winner an autographed copy of her fifteenth novel, WATCH YOUR BACK.                                                                                                                                       

    Enter the drawing at her site - http://www.karenrosebooks.com/contest

    On Sale NOW!


    You can find her contest at http://www.jessicascott.net/blog/contest/.

    Win an advance copy of Alexandra Sokoloff’s new writing textbook — Screenwriting Tricks for Authors: STEALING HOLLYWOOD.                                                                                                                           

    Enter the drawing at her site - http://www.alexandrasokoloff.com/contests.php

    On Sale NOW!

    Roxanne St. Claire is offering one winner a signed copy of BAREFOOT IN WHITE, the first of the Barefoot Brides Trilogy                                                                                                                                           

    Enter the drawing at her site - http://roxannestclaire.com/contest.html

    On Sale NOW!

    Wendy Corsi Staub is offering one lucky winner an autographed copy of her Wendy Markham romance HELLO, IT’S ME, now filming as a Hallmark movie!                                                                                                                                       

    To enter the contest, just CLICK HERE and then fill out the entry form.

    On Sale NOW!

    V. K. Sykes is offering one winner a signed copy of MEET ME AT THE BEACH, 1st book in the Seashell Bay series and a digital (eBook) copy of THE PHILADELPHIA PATRIOTS, which is a 3-book anthology of VK’s award-winning sports romances.                                                                                             

    Enter the contest at http://www.vksykes.com/latest-news/contest/

    On Sale 06-30-15!

    RaeAnne Thayne is givine one winner a copy of SNOW ANGEL COVE, a hand-beaded bookmark and a $15 gift card to Amazon or B&N (winner’s choice).                                                                                             

    Enter the contest at http://www.raeannethayne.com/contest/

    On Sale 06-30-15!

    Augustina Van Hoven is offering one lucky winner a $15 Barnes & Noble Gift Card/Certificate.                                                                                                                                       

    Enter the contest at http://www.augustinavanhoven.com/?page_id=152

    On Sale NOW!

    Shiloh Walker is offering one winner a download of FINAL PROTOCOL by Shiloh Walker, writing as J. C. Daniels.                                                                                                                                 

    Visit http://www.shilohwalker.com/website/newsletter/ and enter now!

    On Sale NOW!

    On Sale NOW!
    Tawny Weber is giving one winner their choice of one available backlist title (does not include A SEAL’S PLEASURE and a sexy SEAL swagbag. Note: If the winner is outside of the US, Tawny will replace the prize with a gift card to Barnes & Noble.

    A SEAL’S PLEASURE, Uniformly Hot! Series, — On sale now!
    Subject: Navy SEAL Gabriel Thorne

    Mission: Initiate Operation: Romance…and prove that one night isn’t enough!

    Explosives expert and Navy SEAL Gabriel “Romeo” Thorne makes his living tempting fate. Pushing the limits. So far, he’s never lost—especially when it comes to women. That is, until his best friend’s wedding, where Gabriel is suddenly face-to-face—and deliciously body-to-body—with the one woman hot enough to detonate his self-control.

    Tessa Monroe is used to being in control with men. Gabriel, on the other hand, is pretty much her sex kryptonite. Hard, gorgeous, dark-eyed kryptonite. Even as her defenses whisper “danger,” lust demands she take her pleasure with him and then run. Now they’re skirting the edge of an explosive attraction…where one wrong move could mean disaster.

    Enter the contest at http://tawnyweber.com/check-it-out/contests/

    Susan Wiggs is offering one lucky winner a trade paperback edition of THE APPLE ORCHARD.                                                                                                                                  

    Enter the contest at http://www.susanwiggs.com/contests.shtml

    On Sale NOW!

    Danica Winters is offering one lucky winner a $25 Amazon Gift Card.                                                                                             

    Enter the contest at http://www.danicawinters.net/contest/

    On Sale NOW!

    With reissues of all five of The Calamity Janes novels in three volumes this spring and summer, Sherryl Woods is offering one lucky winner a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card, so you can grab all of them to tuck into your bag of beach reads! Already read them? Then hang onto your gift card for the trade reissue of FEELS LIKE FAMILY, book three in the Sweet Magnolias series. Both of these series are reminders of just how important good friends are in our lives!

    Enter the contest at http://www.sherrylwoods.com/contest.html

    On Sale NOW!

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