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    January Contests at Writerspace

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    On Sale NOW!
    Catherine Anderson is giving away a personally autographed romantic book...no title specified, because the best surprises are always romantic ones. Catherine loves to hear from readers, and her personal e-mail address is available on her website. She will send a personal response!

    SILVER THAW - Available NOW!:
    From the New York Times bestselling author of the Coulter and Harrigan Family novels comes a brand-new contemporary romance series about first love, second chances, and hope reborn.…

    After years of living in fear of her husband, Amanda Banning has left him and moved to Mystic Creek, Oregon, for a fresh start. But she’s having a tough time providing for herself and her six-year-old daughter. Writing her secret yearnings on slips of paper and sending them into the wind helps her cling to the hope that things will get better…and that she can find happiness again.

    Jeb Sterling has no idea that the handwritten messages he finds scattered across his land are the first hints that his life is about to change. Nor does he understand why he feels so compelled to help Amanda Banning and her daughter when a cold snap leaves them temporarily homeless. Maybe he’s inspired by Amanda’s courage or perhaps by her beautiful brown eyes. Either way, the man who once renounced love suddenly finds himself willing to do anything for the pair. Amanda seems to have given up on her dreams, but Jeb refuses to quit until he makes her every wish come true.…

    Visit http://www.catherineanderson.com and enter now!

    Still Available!

    Robyn Carr Gifts Her Readers

    With Virgin River Duffle Coolers

    With Robyn Carr’s Virgin River novel #10, MOONLIGHT ROAD, being reissued in January, she knows the good folks in this remote outpost in northern California’s redwood forests would approve if she gave away some Virgin River swag, so here goes, Robyn’s friends! Five readers will each win a Virgin River novel and a Virgin River duffle cooler in this month’s contest.

    With her beloved younger siblings settled and happy, Erin Foley has empty-nest syndrome. At age thirty-five.

    So she’s hitting the pause button on her life and holing up in a secluded cabin near Virgin River to get to know herself…not the shaggy-haired mountain man she meets.

    Beneath his faded fatigues and bushy beard, Aiden Riordan is a doctor, recharging for a summer after leaving the navy. He’s intrigued by the pretty, slightly snooty refugee from the rat race. He’d love to get close to her . . . if his scruffy exterior and crazy ex-wife don’t hold him back.

    Meanwhile, Robyn’s new Thunder Point novel, ONE WISH, goes on sale February 24. Check it out on www.RobynCarr.com and pre-order today!

    Stop by http://www.robyncarr.com to enter the contest.

    On Sale NOW!

    You’ve waited twelve years for Caitlin MacLean’s story.
    At last! Your patience is rewarded!
    Here’s the all-new, full-length Governess Brides historical…

    Caitlin MacLean of Scotland is proud to announce her graduation from The Distinguished Academy of Governesses. She specializes in the womanly arts of housekeeping, picking locks, and overthrowing ruthless dictators, and looks forward to attaining a position wherein she can utilize these skills. No dashing, dastardly pirates or faithless, former lovers need seek her services.

    Ship’s captain (and prince in disguise) Taran Tamson is by coincidence in need of the best lockpick in the land; he needs the reckless auburn-haired beauty to retrieve the papers that will help him leave behind his swashbuckling ways and win back his island kingdom of Cenorina. So he assures said lady that he will honor her demand for a proper, chaste relationship for as long as she desires it, then uses his every sensual wile to make sure she desires only one thing — him…

    Pre-order the eBook of A PIRATE’S WIFE FOR ME on Kindle or iBooks, and you’ll get it for the special pre-order price of $4.99!

    Do you read on Kobo and Nook? A PIRATE’S WIFE FOR ME will be available in both those venues, too. But not yet — they don’t allow pre-orders.

    A PIRATE’S WIFE FOR ME will also be available in paperback!

    (Have you noticed how often I’ve said A PIRATE’S WIFE FOR ME? That’s because I think this title is the most fun I’ve ever had, and that is saying something — I wrote THE PRINCE KIDNAPS A BRIDE and THE GREATEST LOVER IN ALL ENGLAND!)

    For updates, join my mailing list now, then enter the January contest, because one lucky person will win autographed copies of the first three Governess Brides books, RULES OF SURRENDER, RULES OF ENGAGMENT, and RULES OF ATTRACTION!

    Just sign up at http://www.christinadodd.com for a chance to win!

    On Sale NOW!

    Dom’s day has finally come! IF THE VISCOUNT FALLS (Pocket Books paperback), the finale book in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries’s Duke’s Men series, will arrive on bookstore shelves January 27, and readers will get their long-awaited conclusion to mysterious investigator Dominick Manton’s story. To celebrate the final chapter in this wonderful Regency romance series, Sabrina will select one grand prizewinner to receive autographed copies of the first three Duke’s Men books—WHAT THE DUKE DESIRES, WHEN THE ROGUE RETURNS, and HOW THE SCOUNDREL SEDUCES.

    Three additional winners will each receive an autographed copy of BY LOVE UNVEILED, a reworked, Restoration-era novel that was originally written by the talented author under the pseudonym, Deborah Martin. The second book in that series, SILVER DECEPTIONS (Pocket Books paperback reworked reissue, on sale January 2015), about London Theater’s newest actress, who is determined to find out secrets about her past, is now available wherever books are sold.

    CLICK HERE for a chance to win this book lover’s prize package from Sabrina Jeffries.

    On Sale 01-27-15!

    Jayne Ann Krentz is offering one lucky winner a signed copy of the unabridged audio edition of IN TOO DEEP (choice of MP3-CD or CD).

    TRUST NO ONE — Available now!
    Following up on the incredible success of River Road, New York Times-bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz delivers another masterpiece of romantic suspense.

    It’s no coincidence when Grace Elland finds a vodka bottle next to the lifeless body of her boss, motivational speaker Sprague Witherspoon. The bottle is a terrifying—and deliberate—reminder of the horrors of her past.

    Grace retreats to her hometown to regroup and tries to put everything she’s learned about positive thinking into practice—a process that is seriously challenged on the world’s worst blind date.

    Awkward doesn’t begin to describe her evening with venture-capitalist Julius Arkwright. She has nothing in common with a man who lives to make money, but the intense ex-Marine does have some skills that Grace can use—and he’s the perfect man to help her when it becomes clear she is being stalked.

    As Witherspoon’s financial empire continues to crumble around them, taking a deadly toll, Julius will help Grace step into her past to uncover a devious plan to destroy not only Grace, but everyone around her…

    Enter the drawing at her site - http://www.jayneannkrentz.com

    On Sale NOW!

    Elizabeth Lowell is giving away an autographed hardcover edition of INNOCENT AS SIN!

    NIGHT DIVER synopsis:
    After a family tragedy, Kate Donnelly left the Caribbean behind forever. But a series of bad management decisions has left her family’s diving and marine recovery business drowning in red ink. Now her brother pleads with her to come back to the island nation of St Vincent. Without Kate’s financial expertise, the iconic treasure-hunting enterprise started by her grandfather will go under. Unable to say no to the little family she has left, Kate heads back to the beautiful and terrifying ocean that still haunts her nightmares.

    Holden Cameron was addicted to the adrenaline rush of active duty—including narrowly surviving an underwater explosives accident. The last thing the former British military diver wants is to babysit a family of thieves on a tropical island—even if they are the world-famous Diving Donnellys. But in his new civilian job, Holden must investigate the suspicious activity surrounding a Donnelly dive to recover treasure from the ancient wreck of a pirate ship.

    When equipment, treasure, and even divers begin to disappear, Kate and Holden form an uneasy alliance to uncover the truth. But the deeper they plummet into the mystery, the closer they come to each other. Soon they are sharing their deepest fears and darkest secrets—and a combustible chemistry too hot to ignore.

    You can reach the contest through the main page of her site — http://www.elizabethlowell.com

    On Sale NOW!

    Linda Lael Miller Wishes “Happy Trails”
    To January Contest Winner

    To celebrate the January 27 release of her new Brides of Bliss County novel, THE MARRIAGE CHARM, New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller is giving away a rare and charming treasure this month: the “Happy Trails” sculpture from the fine craftsmen at Montana Silversmiths—and a copy of the book to one lucky winner. Three additional winners will each receive a copy of the first book in the series, THE MARRIAGE PACT.

      The 13’ L x 6.75" W x 12.5" T resin cold cast sculpture, which features a cowboy and cowgirl riding double, is a perfect complement to Linda’s newest charming western romance.

    The women of Bliss County have a pact—to find husbands. The right husbands.

    Hadleigh Stevens has already found her perfect cowboy. She married rancher Tripp Galloway a few months ago. Could it be Melody Nolan’s turn now? She’s recently found success as a jewelry designer, and her work is the focus of her life. But although she’s pleased with her success, she wants more. She’s always been attracted to Spence Hogan, the local chief of police, but she’s convinced that Spence, a notorious charmer, isn’t what you’d call husband material.

    Spence is a good cop who isn’t scared of anything—except love. And he’s done everything he can to preserve his reputation as a womanizer—a reputation that keeps marriage-minded women, including Melody, at bay. And yet . . . there’s something about Melody he can’t forget. Something his heart can’t ignore.

    Order your copy today and check out THE MARRIAGE CHARM on www.LindaLaelMiller.com and on her Facebook page.

    To enter to win the January prize package, just CLICK HERE.

    Diana Palmer is offering one lucky winner a signed paperback edition of DESPERADO plus a size XL INVINCIBLE t-shirt.

    DESPERADO synopsis:
    Tough, relentless and a force to be reckoned with, Cord Romero lives for the adrenaline rush that comes with being a mercenary for hire. Risking his neck is all in a day’s work.

    But this time the job is personal.

    Having barely survived a murder attempt from an elusive enemy, Cord has made it his personal mission to neutralize his foe—the head of a multinational corporation that fronts a child labor ring. Cord knows only too well how deadly—and conniving—this man can be. He's seen it firsthand.

    In order to get closer to his target, Cord joins forces with the Lassiter Detective Agency, where he’s reunited with his childhood friend Maggie Barton. Cord is surprised to find Maggie is no longer the impressionable young woman he once knew. A recent widow, she is now a strong and independent woman in charge of her own life—and an expert in a profession that places her as Cord’s equal. She has one vulnerability, however: a tragic secret from her past that threatens her relationship with Cord…and sets her up as a pawn for his deadly enemy.

    On this, the most important case of his life, Cord Romero cannot afford to be distracted. And he reluctantly acknowledges that Maggie plays an indispensable part in unraveling the child labor magnate’s links to a shady global corporation that is the source of his wealth. Forced to trust each other for their very survival, Cord and Maggie embark on a lethal game of cat and mouse that can only leave one winner standing.

    You can find her contest at http://www.dianapalmer.com

    On Sale NOW!

    Susan Elizabeth Phillips is giving away an unabridged audio edition of HEROES ARE MY WEAKNESS.


    Deepest winter.
    An isolated island off the coast of Maine.
    A man.
    A woman.
    Puppets. (Yes, puppets…)
    A mysterious house looming over the sea
    . . .

    He’s a reclusive writer whose imagination creates chilling horror novels. She’s a down-on-her-luck actress reduced to staging kids’ puppet shows. He knows a dozen ways to kill his characters with his bare hands. She knows a dozen ways to kill an audience with laughs. But she’s not laughing now.

    Annie Hewitt has arrived on Peregrine Island in the middle of a snowstorm and at the end of her resources. She’s broke, dispirited, but not quite ready to give up. Her red suitcases hold the puppets she uses to make her living: sensible Dilly, spunky Scamp, and Leo, the baddest of bad guys. Her puppets, the romantic novels she loves, and a little bit of courage are all she has left.

    Annie couldn’t be more ill prepared for what she finds when she reaches Moonraker Cottage or for the man who dwells in Harp House, the mysterious mansion that hovers above the cottage from a windblown cliff. When she was a teenager, he betrayed her in a way she can never forget or forgive. Now they’re trapped together on a frozen island along with a lonely widow, a mute little girl, and townspeople who don’t know how to mind their own business.

    Is he the villain she remembers or has he changed? Her head says no. Her heart says yes.

    It’s going to be a long, hot winter.

    Just sign up at her site http://susanelizabethphillips.com/monthly-sweepstakes-2/ for a chance to win!

    Still Available!

    To celebrate the release of BLIND FAITH in print, Rebecca Zanetti is giving away a print copy of FORGOTTEN SINS.

    BLIND FAITH: Sins Brothers #3 - coming in paperback January 27, 2015:

    A betrayal he couldn’t forget . . .

    For Nate Dean, love is a four-letter word. As part of a secret black-ops military unit, he and his brothers were genetically engineered by the government to be ruthless soldiers with an expiration date. They were loyal only to one another . . . until Nate laid eyes on the woman who stole his heart and blew his world apart. Now, years later, his family is still paying the price for his mistake. But as time runs out, there’s only one person who can save his family: the very woman Nate swore he’d never trust again.

    A love she couldn’t deny . . .

    The moment Audrey Madison spies Nate across a crowded ballroom, she can barely breathe. He’s just as undeniably sexy as she remembers, yet there’s an edge to him now that’s as irresistible as it is dangerous. When he asks for her help, Audrey can’t refuse. But she has secrets of her own—secrets that, if Nate ever discovers them, may cost them both their lives . . .

    Love is about to start conquering…

    Visit http://rebeccazanetti.com/contest/ and enter now!

    On Sale 01-27-15!

    The AFTER MIDNIGHT AUTHORS are offering one lucky winner a signed copy of DOMINANT LOVERS by Madeleine Oh.                                             

    To enter the contest, just CLICK HERE and then fill out the entry form.

    On Sale NOW!

    On Sale NOW!
    Have you been invited to Millworth Manor yet? Victoria Alexander is giving away a copy of the first book in her popular Millworth Manor series, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WICKED.                                                                                                                                

    To enter the contest, just CLICK HERE and then fill out the entry form.

    On Sale 04-28-15!

    Leanne Banks is offering one lucky winner a paperback copy of A MAVERICK FOR CHRISTMAS.                                                                                                                                       

    Visit http://www.leannebanks.com and enter now!

    On Sale NOW!

    On Sale NOW!
    Anya Bast is offering one lucky winner *a special prize*.                                                                                                                                

    To enter the contest, just CLICK HERE and then fill out the entry form.

    Still Available!

    Laura Benedict is offering one winner a signed hardcover edition of bestselling author Dianne Emley’s novel, THE FIRST CUT, the first book in her Detective Nan Vining series, plus a $10 Barnes & Noble Gift Card.

    Visit http://www.laurabenedict.com and enter now!

    Enter the January contest to win a selection of previously released Berkley~Jove books. Note: the images shown are books on sale this month and not part of the contest prize.

    Visit the Berkley Jove Authors to read excerpts from current releases, upcoming releases, and find out about your favorite BJ authors.

    On Sale NOW!

    On Sale NOW!
    Enter the January contest for a chance to win a selection of previously released books. Note: the images shown are books on sale this month and not part of the contest prize.

    Visit the Berkley Prime Crime~Obsidian Mystery Authors to read excerpts from current releases, upcoming releases, and find out about your favorite Berkley Prime Crime~Obsidian mystery authors.

    The Best Reviews is offering one lucky reader their choice of a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com or BN.com.

    Just visit http://www.thebestreviews.com/contest.php to enter the contest.

    Shayla Black is anticipating the February 10 release of THE BOLD AND THE DOMINANT “The Doms of Her Life #3”, so she’ll be giving away a copy of the first book in the series, ONE DOM TO LOVE, signed by Shayla and her collaborators, Jenna Jacob and Isabella LaPearl.                                                                                          

    To enter the contest, just CLICK HERE and then fill out the entry form.

    On Sale 02-10-15!

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