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September Contests at Writerspace

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  • Catherine Anderson - an autographed book by Catherine Anderson
  • Robyn Carr - grand prizewinner will receive a set of the entire, eight-book Thunder Point series leading up to the release of WILDEST DREAMS and five additional readers will each win a signed Robyn Carr novel (6 winners total)
  • Sabrina Jeffries - a copy of WHAT HAPPENS UNDER THE MISTLETOE by Sabrina Jeffries, Karen Hawkins, Candace Camp and Meredith Duran, and two Regency Christmas ornaments (1 winner)
  • Jayne Ann Krentz - a signed unabridged audio edition of RIVER ROAD
  • Elizabeth Lowell - a signed hardcover edition of BEAUTIFUL SACRIFICE
  • Linda Lael Miller - grandprize winner will receive the originally published edition of SIERRA’S HOMECOMING and a beautiful fashion necklace; ten additional winners will each receive a Linda Lael Miller novel (11 winners total)
  • Diana Palmer - an unabridged MP3-CD audio edition of PROTECTOR
  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips - a signed copy of the newly released mass market paperback edition of HEROES ARE MY WEAKNESS
  • Rebecca Zanetti - a print copy of RISING ASSETS

  • After Midnight Authors - a download of DECEPTIONS by Shiloh Walker
  • Victoria Alexander - a signed copy of THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WICKED
  • Leanne Banks - a paperback copy of A HOME FOR NOBODY’S PRINCESS
  • Laura Benedict - a paperback copy of Louise Penny’s STILL LIFE and a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card (1 winner)
  • Berkley~Jove Authors - a selection of previously released Berkley~Jove books (1 winner)
  • Berkley Prime Crime~Obsidian Mystery Authors - a selection of previously released books (1 winner)
  • The Best Reviews - winner’s choice of a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com or BN.com
  • Shayla Black - a signed copy of HIS TO TAKE
  • Kim Boykin - a copy of A PEACH OF A PAIR (winner’s choice of print or eBook)
  • Anna Bradley - a Quartet of Berkley Sensation releases: GILDED LILY by Delphine Dryden, MY BEAUTIFUL ENEMY by Sherry Thomas, THE MILLIONAIRE ROGUE by Jessica Peterson and THE DAUGHTER OF AN EARL by Victoria Morgan (1 winner)
  • Kylie Brant - a print copy of SECRETS OF THE DEAD
  • Allison Brennan - a digital (eBook) copy of both KILLING JUSTICE (a collection of three short stories) and MURDER IN THE RIVER CITY (winner’s choice) (3 winners - both eBooks each)
  • Stella Cameron - a paperback copy of OUT OF SIGHT
  • Sarah Castille - a digital (eBook) copy of ROUGH JUSTICE
  • The Cat House on the Kings - a $25 Amazon.com OR Barnes & Noble eGift Card (winner’s choice)
  • Janet Chapman - a signed copy of IT’S A WONDERFUL WIFE (2 winners)
  • Ann Christopher - a gift bag filled a copy of SINFUL SEDUCTION, SINFUL TEMPTATION, SINFUL ATTTRACTION and SINFUL PARADISE (1 winner)
  • Debra Clopton - a signed copy of HER UNFORGETTABLE COWBOY
  • Dani Collins - a signed print copy of THE RUSSIAN’S ACQUISITION and fun conference swag like a vintage Harlequin postcard (1 winner)
  • Melissa Cutler - either a Kindle or Nook copy of both TEMPTED INTO DANGER and RISKY BUSINESS
  • Cynthia D’Alba - a Western Wind Chime and a print copy of TEXAS TANGO (1 winner)
  • Margaret Daley - a copy of both THE YULETIDE RESCUE and TO SAVE HER CHILD (1 winner)
  • Justine Davis - a signed copy of OPERATION HOMECOMING
  • Kyra Davis - a $15 Barnes & Noble gift card and a digital (eBook) copy of JUST ONCE MORE (winners choice of Kindle, Nook or iTunes format) (3 winners)
  • Sylvia Day - *a special prize*
  • Thea Devine - a signed copy of SECRET PLEASURES
  • Kaylan Doyle - a signed paperback edition of THE GREAT AWFUL
  • Laura Drewry - a digital (eBook copy) of PRIMA DONNA (winner’s choice of Kindle, Kobo, iBooks or Google Play format)
  • Riley Edgewood - a $10 Amazon gift card
  • Louisa Edwards - *a special prize*
  • J. T. Ellison - a trio of paperback novels by Joseph Teller including DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE, OVERKILL, and BRONX JUSTICE (1 winner)
  • Bronwen Evans - an autographed copy of Miranda Neville’s THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WICKED
  • Shoshanna Evers - a digital (eBook) copy of I AM NOT YOUR MELODY
  • Donna Every - a digital (eBook) edition of WHAT NOW? (3 winners)
  • A.S. Fenichel - a $10 Amazon gift card
  • Marie Ferrarella - a signed copy of YOUR BABY OR MINE (2 winners)
  • Maria Geraci - an autographed print copy of THEN HE KISSED ME
  • Dara Girard - an autographed copy of ALL I WANT IS YOU
  • Paula Graves - a $20 egiftcard to Barnes & Noble OR Amazon.com (winner’s choice)
  • Amy Gregory - a copy of MIKE’S WAY BACK, GABBY REVEALED, and TYSON’S WAR (1 winner)
  • Laura Griffin - a signed copy of SHADOW FALL and a $20 gift card to Barnes & Noble (1 winner)
  • Carolyn Haines - a free eBook titled SKIN DANCER (5 winners)
  • Sharon Hamilton - a free paperback (or Kindle or audio) edition of SEAL’S CODE
  • Kristan Higgins - a $25 gift card to Crate & Barrel
  • Sandra Hill - *a special prize*
  • Madeline Hunter - a $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • Julie James - a $25 gift card to Amazon, plus a signed copy of SUDDENLY ONE SUMMER (1 winner)
  • Suzanne Johnson - a swag bag (including two books) (1 winner)
  • Joan Johnston - a $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card (winner’s choice)
  • Linda O. Johnston - a copy LOST UNDER A LADDER
  • Lisa Renee Jones - a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card
  • Nicole Jordan - winner’s choice of a Legendary Lovers novel: PRINCESS CHARMING, LOVER BE MINE, or SECRETS OF SEDUCTION (1 winner)
  • Julie LeMense - a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card and a digital (eBook) copy of both ONCE UPON A WAGER and ONCE UPON A SCANDAL (1 winner)
  • Kat Martin - a signed copy of AGAINST THE TIDE (3 winners - 1 book each)
  • Dana Marton - a Kindle copy of her Broslin Creek trilogy which contains DEATHWATCH, DEATHSCAPE and DEATHTRAP (1 winner)
  • Dale Mayer - a $15 Amazon.com Gift Card
  • Cheyenne McCray - a signed trade paperback edition of HIDDEN PREY
  • Lucy Monroe - a signed copy of both WILD HEAT and HER LATIN LOVER, a soothing eye mask, a body scrub, a box of chocolates and a pair of spa socks (1 winner)
  • NAL/Signet Authors - a selection of previously released NAL/Signet books (1 winner)
  • Carla Neggers - first grand prizewinner will receive a beautiful sea glass pendant, handmade in Maine and a signed hardcover edition of KEEPER’S REACH; second grand prizewinner will receive a battery-operated pillar candle and a signed hardcover edition of A KNIGHTS BRIDGE CHRISTMAS (2 winners)
  • Molly O’Keefe - a signed copy of WILD CHILD
  • Carly Phillips - a custom-made, limited edition flower created from pages of one of Carly’s books — you get to pick the book AND an ecopy of any of her Dare to Love Series books (1 winner)
  • Candice Poarch - a digital (eBook) edition (choice of Kindle or Nook) of one of her books
  • Jennifer Probst - *a special prize*
  • Erin Quinn - a digital (eBook) copy of any of her published titles (reader’s choice)
  • FrancisRay.com - a copy of IT HAD TO BE YOU
  • Deanna Raybourn - a signed hardcover edition of A CURIOUS BEGINNING
  • Karen Robards - a paperback edition of HUSH
  • Joanne Rock - a copy of Elizabeth Lowell’s PERFECT TOUCH along with Liz Talley’s SWEET SOUTHERN NIGHTS and a signed copy of Joanne’s NIGHTS UNDER THE TENNESSEE STARS, plus a pretty pen and matching notepad (1 winner)
  • Karen Rose - an autographed copy of I’M WATCHING YOU
  • Jessica Scott - a print copy of HOMEFRONT
  • Alexandra Sokoloff - a copy of Alexandra’s new writing textbook — Screenwriting Tricks for Authors: STEALING HOLLYWOOD
  • Roxanne St. Claire - a print or digital (eBook) edition (winner’s choice) of THE BAREFOOT BILLIONAIRES
  • Wendy Corsi Staub - an autographed copy of her Wendy Markham romance HELLO, IT’S ME
  • Jenna Sutton - a tailgating gift box filled with a gourmet assortment of individually wrapped cookies including buttercream frosted football cut-out cookies, crunchy sugar cookies decorated like referee shirts, chocolate chip cookies, and sweet pretzel clusters ( 1 winner)
  • RaeAnne Thayne - a copy of SNOW ANGEL COVE and a $15 gift card to Amazon or B&N (winner’s choice) (1 winner)
  • Tule Publishing - a print anthology of the winner’s choice, a Tule tote bad, book marks, recipe cards, notepads, and pens (1 winner)
  • Augustina Van Hoven - a $15 Barnes & Noble Gift Card/Certificate
  • Shiloh Walker - a download of SEDUCED IN SECRET
  • Susan Wiggs - a paperback edition of THE APPLE ORCHARD
  • Danica Winters - *a special prize*
  • Sherryl Woods - necklace by designers Ami and Ann-Marie

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Winners of August Contests Coming Soon!


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