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redellen - hi tabasco
MsMom - Tell me how Kiki and I will
Tabasco - hehe..yep that's me..full of Fire..just at some gumbo at one of them fancy parties we have here..in someone's SHOP otherwise known as a SHED
darkone - logged on - from on 1/12 at 9:09pm EST
LeeHyat-Moderator - Dee, before we hit you with more questions, please tell us about THE PROMISE...
purplefrog - Her books are sometime hard to find at the UBS's Dee are they all still in print?
Oliveria - What inspired you to write Dee
LeeHyat-Moderator - Hi Darkone!!
KatBos - Hi Cris!
DeeDavis - turning 40 and wanting to do something creative with my life
KatBos - I know why too, purple frog. We hang on to them!
darkone - Hi all, had to drop in cuz I love Dee's books, keep them coming Dee!!
redellen - hi dark one
LeeHyat-Moderator - Christine?!! Hi!!
shey - BRB
DeeDavis - Everything in Its Time is out of print. But After Twilight and Just Breathe are available any where
Kiki - go to Barnes & Noble MsMom....and if they don't have JUST BREATHE they can order it for you...they do it for me at least once a week.. EIIT is out of print however...so check Amazon and used online stores maybe
DeeDavis - thanks!!!
purplefrog - This is true I still have all of mine
Tabasco - Turning 40 inspired you to write? Dee that's wonderful to know!
darkone - Dee's books are hard to find at UBS because no one is willing to part with them
MsMom - Hi darkone or can I call you Cris also i remember you from before
Barbs - logged on - from on 1/12 at 9:11pm EST
Kiki - I don't wanna brag, but I have ALL of Dee's books.....I'm saying this cuz I feel SO LUCKY to have them!
darkone - Cris is fine
LeeHyat-Moderator - Hi Barbs! Welcome to the Romance Cafe chat! Tonight we're chatting with prolific romance author Dee Davis about her new release THE PROMISE!! Please note there is No Protocol so find a comfy seat, put your legs up, grab a margarita and join in the fun whenever you're ready. Thanks!
darkone - Kiki! I think I do too, at least I'm pretty sure
DeeDavis - Ya'll are making me grin like a silly woman
Kiki - Jiminy.......I thought you were Julia's age, Dee.....
KatBos - Dee, only the truth, darling!!!
Barbs - Hello everyone
Oliveria - So you turned 4o and had a midlife criisi and decided to write?
LeeHyat-Moderator - we love you, Dee. that's all.
Kiki - Well, we'e BOTH lucky, Chris, lol
DeeDavis - Nah....I'll be 43 in two weeks
MsMom - hi Barbs
MsMom - really I will be 40 on 24
purplefrog - Jan 27th right?
LeeHyat-Moderator - my hubby's turning 42 tomorrow.
DeeDavis - yupper
Oliveria - Did you have a midlife crisis is that why you started to write
DeeDavis - Aquarius...
Kiki - You're an Aquarius like myself??? We're special
MsMom - yeah for us
KatBos - I refuse to tell my age but my eye doctor depressed me totally. LOL
DeeDavis - yes, actually I did. I looked in the mirror and saw someone I didn't recognize!
LeeHyat-Moderator - So Dee, tell us more about THE PROMISE. How'd you come up with the idea for the story??
DeeDavis - Kiki I should have known
Kiki - I'm gonna be the big 53......but I act much younger
purplefrog - remember cause my bday is four days later on the 31st
MsMom - so sorry Kat
DeeDavis - Oh the eye thing is a real trip isn't it...just had to get glasses so that I can read a menu
Barbs - any dr can depress you!
LeeHyat-Moderator - Oh Kathy, my eye doctor depressed me when i was 8. I'm a blind bat and proud of it!!
LeeHyat-Moderator - <thanks to all the books I read!>
Tabasco - for my 40th birthday present I'm having a hyster and a tummy tuck..I think I'd rather get a book published
DeeDavis - I spent my summers in Creede Colorado as a kid
DeeDavis - My father is a fly fisherman
KatBos - Well, Lee, I'm blind too but my close up vision is really getting bad. He said it was in keeping with my age. Ahem. I had to get much stronger bifocals!
DeeDavis - I fell in love with the mountains, the mines, and the history
DeeDavis - And wanted to tell a story that shared my love of the area and history.
Oliveria - You live in Colorado
DeeDavis - So the Promise was born
Kiki - purplefrog.......mine is the 31st too....Happy B-Day to you!
MsMom - Hey Kat get a new dr instead
DeeDavis - No just summers. I live in Austin. My parents have a home in Creede
LeeHyat-Moderator - that's neat, Dee
KatBos - Dee, what I really liked about the book is how you went from present to past chapter by chapter. I felt like I was getting two stories in one book.
purplefrog - to you too Kiki,
KatBos - LOL MsMom.
DeeDavis - It was a different way to tell the story, but I hope it works
Tabasco - Oh Dee...wow..I'll bet there are some wonderful writing groups there? I'm moving to New Braunfels..I surely hope there is
Oliveria - Oh anothor Authors from Texas, is it in the water?
Kiki - Dee........reading the dedication brought tears to my eyes.......what wonderful parents you have...how lucky you are!
DeeDavis - And it all comes together in the end
LeeHyat-Moderator - I'm sure it does work, Dee. I've heard only good stuff about the book!! Can't wait to read it.
MsMom - Dee was it difficult to write it that way
Kiki - As a mother myself, it just pulled on my heartstrings.......
DeeDavis - I am lucky... and the next book is dedicated to my brother...the original inspiration for Jeff in EIT
Tabasco - OH wow..I'll bet there are awesome writing groups in Austin..
DeeDavis - He lives in Atlanta where Dark of the Night is set
DeeDavis - There are. I'm really lucky to live in such a creative town
DeeDavis - - from on 1/12 at 9:18pm EST
DeeDavis - logged on - from on 1/12 at 9:18pm EST
purplefrog - Dee is the books supposed to be on the shelves now...I haven't seen it yet
DeeDavis - Sorry about that....wrong button
Kiki - Awwwwww.........and WOW you are writing stories that take place ALL OVER......how fascinating
Tabasco - I'm actually looking for property in New Braunfels..I hope to find a good writing group
Oliveria - Are you going on a book tour?
LeeHyat-Moderator - wb Dee! I like your green dress!
DeeDavis - It is out in some places and coming in in others. I know B&N has it here, but the indies are still waiting.
KatBos - Yeah, Dee, we fuss at Cissy about that logoff button being where it is all the time. LOL
DeeDavis - :0
DeeDavis -
DeeDavis - not too good at this obviously
DeeDavis - The onshelf date was the 8th..
DeeDavis - I like to "travel" when I write....
LeeHyat-Moderator - You're doing great, Dee!
purplefrog - maybe it will show up next week...I live in the midwest
DeeDavis - New book is going to be set in Austin
Oliveria - Are you going to do a book tour?
Kiki - I'm hoping you come back to NE so we can get to meet one another.....
DeeDavis - No book tour. Just a few places in Austin and Dallas. I am going to be in Florida next week for the Spacecoast conference
DeeDavis - I'll be at the New England Conference in April
shey has timed out.
LeeHyat-Moderator - Dee, Do you write full time now or do you have another job outside the home also?
DeeDavis - Should be in soon and is available on line now
Tabasco - Night all.
Oliveria - I like in Rhode Island where is that being held
Kiki - YES!!!!! I'll be there hon.........think it'
Kiki - Nafick....
DeeDavis - I write full time, and then some <g>
MsMom - nite Tabasco
KatBos - Night Tobasco.
purplefrog - new book after The Promise? Title please
DeeDavis - nite Tabasco
Kiki - oops..........Julia's gonna go too.....that'll be my lucky day to meet both of you!
LeeHyat-Moderator - Night Tabasco!
redellen - nite tab
DeeDavis - Dark of the Night, a romantic suspense set around a presidential campaign in Atlanta
DeeDavis - Available in March
Tabasco - - from on 1/12 at 9:22pm EST
DeeDavis - It's Jake and Riley's story
MsMom - you are so lucky Kiki color me green
Helena - - from on 1/12 at 9:23pm EST
purplefrog - sounds interesting...release date?
Kiki - I find presidential campaigns fascinating.....and I'm proud to say I got to meet our President Bush during the campaign!
DeeDavis - March
purplefrog - oops you're too quick for me...lol
DeeDavis - cool
Oliveria - Is that in Masscusetts?
MsMom - Hi Helena
LeeHyat-Moderator - Hi Helena! Welcome to the Romance Cafe chat! Tonight we're chatting with prolific romance author Dee Davis about her new release THE PROMISE!! Please note there is No Protocol so find a comfy seat, put your legs up, grab a margarita and join in the fun whenever you're ready. Thanks!
DeeDavis - thinking ahead LOL
Kiki - MsMom.......come visit me and we will go to it together....
redellen - hi helena
DeeDavis - Back to New England...no idea where I'm going but do know it isn't too far from Logan
Helena -
LeeHyat-Moderator - Dee, How do you relax after you mail off a manuscript and before you start on the next one? What do you like to do unwind?
MsMom - And you are where KikI
DeeDavis - I'm speaking
Kiki - HI Helena..
Kiki - NH
DeeDavis - I read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
purplefrog - you write both romantic suspense and tt is one easier than the other?
DeeDavis - it's the only time I'm allowed to read these days
LeeHyat-Moderator - LOL

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