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Ladies of Leisure Group Chat 12/25/00

MelanieJ - Merry Christmas everyone!
Alice Chambers -
Cel - Hi Melanie
PattiL - Hi Melanie
Mari - Scooters.....4 of them for 2 kids,,,
Genie - Hi Melanie
Alice Chambers - Sorry, I just love the icons
PattiL - Hi Nanette
Mari - Hi Nan and Melanie
Peggy Waide - Oooh mermaid Barbie-nogirls here so ours was a trampoline-already played egg in the middle in the snow on the sucker
marelou - Hi Nanette and Melanie
gerri - HI Melanie and Nanette
Murialisa - hi nanette, hi melanie
RondaThompson - Hi all arriving.
Nanette - How is ever 1 tonight? Merry Christmas
Peggy Waide - Hey Mel
Alice Chambers - Oh, you meant gifts that weren't for me?
bryony - $200 worth of book vouchers
Misha - I get two Tshirts (beautiful), a aromatic candle, a book, music box, a cdplayer portable
MelanieJ - Alice, is that drink for me?
Genie - Hi Nanette
Misha - Hi Mel Merry Christmas
MelanieJ - Good haul, Misha
Alice Chambers - Sure, Mel
marelou - wow Bryony--that's a great gift!!
Cel - Hi Nanette
gerri - wow byony.....
PattiL - Oh boy bryony, you win the prize!
RondaThompson - Great gift bryony
MelanieJ - hey Peggy-- did you get all your shopping done?
Peggy Waide - Misha and Bryony you scored
Cel - WOW Bryony...that a great gift(s)
MelanieJ - WOW, Byrony, I'm envious
Misha - a friend give 700 pesos (a little more of 70 dlls), my Mom give a check of 500 pesos (a little more of 50 dlls)
bryony - My family responds well to training (brain washing)
Sherryl - Man oh Man Bryony....you hit the jackpot
Misha - that's great bryony
Peggy Waide - The gang is watching Replacements so I popped in here for a sec. Keanu Reeves in tights is mighty fine
Nanette - Im getting a new computer ... should be here 29th
RondaThompson - Money is good. Money easily transfers into books
Murialisa - lol byrony... i've devised a good system - i buy the books and mom pays them, then keeps them til christmas... it seems to have worked the past couple of years
MelanieJ - I got books too-- some a little weird, but the dh has interesting tastes
Genie - Yep Peggy!!
Alice Chambers - I got a CD of BB King and Eric Clapton. I think I'll put it on.
MelanieJ - Nice, Nanette
Peggy Waide - I finished shopping yesterday-nothing like the final hour- then we had mass at 11:30 and 8:00 special treat all the boys sang with me again this year
RondaThompson - Cool Nanette
bryony - I've also found that method useful Muri.
gerri - oh wow Nanette
Sherryl - Alice, turn it up loud...so we can hear
Misha - now are in the Two principal TV companies Titanic Televisa (canal 5) TV Azteca (TV 7, canal 7)
Nanette - i just buy the books i want and ive them to dh to wrap, works well
MelanieJ - That sounds so nice, Peggy. Brian has been playing piano today. Music is such an important part of the holiday
SueK - I got a cellular phone from my dh.
RondaThompson - How wonderful Peggy. I wish I could sing, none of my kids can carry a tune either.
Murialisa - i think i need to work on my brother though... he gave me an unabridged copy of les mis... which is gorgeous but LONG and i've tried to make it through it before and it hasn't happened.... maybe that would be a good airport book....
Alice Chambers - Will do..
gerri - I don't know Melanie....it all depends if he is good or not...
Murialisa - and a book on asian history.... history is good, i'm not so keen on asia....
Sherryl - well....we all must have been "very good" this year...
CaroleAnn -
Genie - New golf clubs and clothes, gift cert for book stores, etc...
RondaThompson - Hi Sherryl! Didn't see you slip in or didn't notice you were already here.
MelanieJ - LOL-- Gerri. Mostly he is good, but he got some new ragtime sheet music and that is still-- well, more ragged than ragtime
gerri - HI Carole
Mari - I got ALL 6 SECRET books.
bryony - I think you need to use a bit more whip in your training Muri.
Alice Chambers - Mari, I hope you enjoy those!
PattiL - I just bought those too Mari
CaroleAnn - Hi, gerri. Happy Holidays to you...
Genie - Wow Mari, great! I'm still waiting for 6.
Cel - Alright, Mari
RondaThompson - Wow, that's a great gift, Mari
Murialisa - lol byrony... he got me a book on asian history too which was thoughtful since i love history, but i'm not too keen on asian history...
Alice Chambers - Or should I say, your dh will enjoy you enjoying them, Mari
MelanieJ - Well, hands down, my best gift was a love letter from my husband...sigh...
gerri - well if he can play rag time...I think he might be good.
Misha - yesterday was only family with a friend of my Mom, and today for "El Recalentado" (The Reheating) did come friends two families and other friends
Mari - I can't wait to tuck into them. Santa came through beautifully
Sherryl - Hey back, Rhonda....see any white stuff around your area of Texas
Murialisa - i asked for those and mom wouldn't get them i think it's cuz i told her they were erotic romance.... now that was a mistake....
Genie - how sweet Melanie
marelou - that's sweet Melanie!!
bryony - Well done Mari. I haven't even found the first Secrets book yet.
Alice Chambers - Melanie, that's romantic
Helena - - 12/25 at 9:02pm EST
Murialisa - hi helena
Mari - Hi Helena
gerri - oh..Melanie.....How nice...
Cel - Oh Melanie, how wonderful *sigh*
Genie - Hi Helena
Cel - Hi Helena
marelou - hi Helena
MelanieJ - Hi Helena. Are all of you surviving this nasty winter?
Helena - Merry Christmas
RondaThompson - Yes, but it's mostly ice! Saw some snow a minute ago when I poked my head out, though
Alice Chambers - You guys know I'm a Secrets author, too, right?
PattiL - Hi Helena
Misha - That's great Melanie, letters are always wonderful
Sherryl - Read it to us, Melanie....we will keep our mouths
SueK - Hi Helena!
gerri - Carole have you gotten any snow yet...or is it suppose to snow in your area?
Genie - I didn't Alice! that's cool..
RondaThompson - I know! I know! Alice.
Sherryl - Hello Helena
PattiL - I didn't Alice, which volume?
Mari - No Alice I didn't.
Misha - Hi helena
Nanette - oh good mari...i'm ordering those
bryony - Tell me where to get the books Alice Pleeease.
Helena - ok but I am sick of the snow
Alice Chambers - Yup, I'm also Alice Gaines. Volumes 1 and 6
CaroleAnn - No snow here, gerri (San Francisco Bay Area).
Cel - I knew you wrote some of the SECRETS novella's Alice
MelanieJ - LOL-- no way am I sharing this. He said one cute thing though-- he said he hoped it didn't sound too tame. That it was hard writing romance to a romance writer
Genie - what name Alice?
Alice Chambers - You can order from www.redsagepub.com
RondaThompson - Hi gerri. Good to see you here. Are you keeping warm?
Alice Chambers - I'm Alice Gaines.
Mari - Cool. I thought I would only get one of the volumes, but Santa was good to me.
Genie - How wonderful Alice.
Nanette - ice here...i don't have to go to work tomorrow
Helena - I have my order form all filled out. I am going to buy all six with my Christmas
RondaThompson - How sweet, Melanie. It was the thought that counts.
Cissy - Hi everyone -- sorry, I'm popping in and out
PattiL - Ooh Alice THe Education of Miss Felicity was very I enjoyed it alot!
Alice Chambers - You guys are so great!
Genie - can you order online Alice?
gerri - I'm trying Ronda....but after getting our gas bill....Its going to be cold in the house
Alice Chambers - Thanks, Patti!
Mari - I have to go back to lurk mode, but hopefully not for long. bbs
Cel - Mari, I gather your dad used that order form you gave him?
Alice Chambers - Genie, try Barnes and Noble online. We're boycotting that other online book store.
MelanieJ - I think I'd better "go to work" tomorrow. I have been lolly-gagging all this week instead of writing
Nanette - i really want VOL #3 and #6
gerri - Alice our bookstore sells Secret....I have looked at them but never brought one....Guess I will now
RondaThompson - Yikes, Gerri. Ours is always high and we have a woodburning stove even!
Alice Chambers - Thanks, Gerri
Genie - Barnes and Nobel don't have it, neither does Amazon
RondaThompson - I goofed off all month! Well, I was busy with Christmas stuff, but I do need to write
marelou - the price of heating oil went up to $1.60 this month..it's going to kill me!!
MelanieJ - The electricuty and gas bills are staggering. We got a Christmas card from the gas company warning us that rates had trippled... hohoho
gerri - We have a fireplace.....I guess it is helping...So far everyone I have asked our has been the lowest
Alice Chambers - Bummer, Genie. If you have to, buy it from Am*z*n
Genie - I preordered it in Nov from Amazon and by Dec 20 they still didn't have it, I told them to shove it!
Murialisa - what's red sage's website?
bryony - Secrets are just that in Australia. I haven't found one book yet.
Nanette - you can order it from Red Sage Pub.
Alice Chambers - Not Amazon? I thought for sure they did. Search under my name Alice Gaines
Alice Chambers - www.redsagepub.com
Cissy - Muri, if you click on their banner here it will take you there
MelanieJ - Drats, I was hoping Lynsay would be here. She's really in the great white north!
Alice Chambers - Am*z*n is the pitts!
Genie - nope-none, they have Vol 6 listed, but I never receieved it...
gerri - brb.....Need to do some folding
Genie - I'm going to check Borders.com this week
Alice Chambers - Hey, if you like the blues you need this album -- BB King and Eric Clapton.
Peggy Waide has timed out.
Cissy - Speaking of which, I'm trying to decide whether to switch Writerspace to B&N or Borders. Do you ladies have any advice for me?
Cel - I sent my order to Red Sage Pub for all 6 of the SECRETS books last week.
Murialisa - i like b&n better than borders
Genie - I usually like B&N Cissy
Alice Chambers - Cissy, thanks for switching. I don't know which is better.
MelanieJ - Cissy, I have had a couple problems with Borders-- like they told me they couldn't get the new Laurell K Hamilton when it came out.
peggywaide - logged on. - 12/25 at 9:09pm EST
RondaThompson - I don't have Borders, here, Cissy, so I have to use Barnes & Nobel now that we're boycotting Amazon
Alice Chambers - Thanks, Cel. I sure hope you like them.
Helena - B & N is bigger
Genie - wb peggy
marelou - wb Peggy
peggywaide - I'm back-my whole computer shut down-it's been very weird lately but I hate to take it in
Alice Chambers - brb
Cel - wb Peggy
Cel - Alice, a friend loaned me Volume 3 and that sold me on the books.
Nanette - - 12/25 at 9:10pm EST
MelanieJ - Also, Borders often does not put of book covers. I know that isn't critical, but many people like to see the book covers
Cissy - you know, there are MORE reasons not to link to Amazon that the whole "used book" thing. There's also the fact that Amazon doesn't report sales to the NYT list
peggywaide - B&N/Borders-I've never used either so I have no idea
Murialisa - yeah, borders rarely has book covers or even little blurbs on a lot of the books
Nanette - oops
Genie - wb Nanette
Murialisa - at least they don't on the books that i look at...
marelou - wb Nanette ..
SueK - wb Nanette
Alice Chambers - I hear ecampusbooks has lots of romance. I haven't tried it myself.
Genie - I usually order from B&N
peggywaide - Also: I wanted to say that I took time over the weekend (When I should have been sleeping) and read Cathy Spangler Shadower-its' fabulous
Cel - Good heavens, Cissy....that sucks and could have a big bearing on what does and doesn't hit the NYT lists.
MelanieJ - I looked there, Alice, and they did have a lot of books
Cissy - Yup, Cel!
Sherryl - 1bookstreet.com is good and they don't charge for postage in the US
RondaThompson - Haven't seen it here yet, Peggy. I love her books.
Sherryl - 1bookstreet.com is good and they don't charge for postage in the US
marelou - I have Alice--i like it--it's 20% off and free shipping. (ecampus.com)
Cissy - And they don't report to NYT for what I consider a tacky reason: they're annoyed that NYT has a partnership with BN.com
Alice Chambers - Peggy, were we supposed to be giving books away tonight?
Nanette - has any 1 tried e-books... I saw ad for it i TV guide
MelanieJ - LOL, Cissy
Sherryl - that was not a paid advertisment
Cel - Peggy....I finished SHIELDER the other day and am about 1/2 way thru SHADOWER (both good books).
Genie - I have Nanette
Sherryl - yes, alice....to me
Alice Chambers - LOL.
RondaThompson - LOL, Sherryl
bryony - I'm still hanging out for Shadower. The store couldn't get it in before Christmas.
Cissy - of course, Amazon still sells way more books than BN online...
MelanieJ - I have been reading trash-- sigh-- not quality stuff like romance
Genie - So does Sara
peggywaide - I haven't read Shielder but am going to track it down-I have the next week off-should be writing but....
Nanette - those are on my to buy list < it just keeps getting BIGGER >
PattiL has timed out.
Alice Chambers - Is there a place to put my webpage url on here?
peggywaide - OUr wall mart had Shadower
Genie - Shielder and Shadower were both great
Cissy - yep, Alice - if you just type it in with the http:// it will show up as a clickable URL
Misha - just type it Alice
Nanette - geni - is that a good way to read books?
Cissy - for example, http://www.writerspace.com
Alice Chambers - like http://home.pacbell.net/halice
peggywaide - Oh Alice-I have been so nutso these last few weeks-we can if someone has one- otherwise we'll get back on track in January- I can certainly give away a POtent Charms
Genie - some people think so, it all depends on what you like personally.
Misha - I'm printing the images of the Exhalation of the Popocatepetl (today afternoon) for my Mom
Alice Chambers - Cool. It works.
RondaThompson - I'm reading Susan Grant's The Star King. Now that Christmas is over, maybe I can finish it.
CaroleAnn - - 12/25 at 9:16pm EST
Alice Chambers - Misha, is that online?
Misha - http://www.cenapred.unam.mx/cgi-bin/popo/mvolcan.cgi
Nanette - brb
Misha - there is a report in english
Nanette - brb
Ann - - 12/25 at 9:17pm EST
Murialisa - i started te star king earlier - i'm really enjoying it though it isn't quite what i expected... of course i wasn't sure what i expected, so that's probably why
Murialisa - hi ann
marelou - hi Ann
Cel - Hi Ann
Genie - Hi Ann
bryony - Group hug for Christmas ladies. Must go, a pile of equine faeces has my name on it.
MelanieJ - Howdy Ann
RondaThompson - Hi Ann
SueK - Hi Ann
peggywaide - oooh had to go watch Keanu Reeves kiss the girl-yum
Misha - Hi Ann
MelanieJ - Bye Byrony. Merry Christmas
RondaThompson - nite Bryony, come back soon
gerri - Hi Ann
Genie - I LOVED Star King, can't wait for her next Star Prince..
peggywaide - Murialisa-what were you expecting?
Cel - Bye bryony \
Misha -
Genie - nite byrony
marelou - good night Bryony
SueK - Bye Bryony.
Ann - Hi all!! Merry Christmas!
Sherryl - Now, that christmas is over...I am reading (starting) "Scandalous"...by yours truely....Miss Thompson...
peggywaide - By Byrony-Hi Ann
MelanieJ - My niece tells me that she still adores Keanu-- ever though he is passe among her crowd
PattiL - logged on. - 12/25 at 9:18pm EST
Misha - bye bvryony happy Christmas
bryony - - 12/25 at 9:18pm EST
Cel - wb Patti

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