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LEISURE LADIES Group Chat 02/05/01

Linda Jones - logged on. - 2/5 at 8:50pm EST
Genie - Hi Linda
Cissy - LOL, Cel - she's just miffed because that's my favorite banner and she poo-pooed it
Ann - Hi!! (marelou, it took 3 hours for me to get home!)
Mari - Hi Linda
Murialisa - hi linda
bryony - Ann
Linda Jones - hi everyone
Cissy - Hi Linda! Welcome
marelou - we got 7 inches of snow on top of slush...yikes..very heavy stuff
bryony - Linda
Ann - Hi Linda!!
bryony - It's 40 degs here, anyone want to swap?
Genie - Hi Ann
marelou - oh, poor Ann..you need or a
Linda Jones - One of these days I'm going to have to learn the icons. I love those wavng hands!
marelou - hi Linda
Mari - // wave with no space
Ann - Yep Marelou. and now the snow and sluch are icing up and tomorrow the drive to the train station will be oh-so-lovely. NOT
Ann - Definitely the
Cel - Hi Linda
Linda Jones -
Cel - Oh, now I see Linda Jones' banner and it's very cool too.
Sara - yeah, cissy, whatever!!!
Ann - And Sara -- Miffed? I can't imagine Sara being miffed.
marelou - I don't envy you a bit---i live 2 miles from work and i know it's going to be a pain tomorrow!
Linda Jones - I have a banner? I don't see it. Maybe soon.
Lea - logged on - 2/5 at 8:53pm EST
Lea - Hi a;
Murialisa - i can walk for which i am grateful - i'm just glad i made it home before it started snowing
Lea - Hiall
Genie - Hi Lea
Mari - It's great Linda!
Sara - You, LInda, have a BEAUTIFUL banner
Mari - Hi Lea //wve
Murialisa - hi Lea
marelou - i still have yesterday's banner even though i've refreshed the banner area twice ..
Sara - it is NOT blue
Cissy - Yep, you have a gorgeous banner, Linda - if I say so myself. It's a gorgeous cover
Ginger - - 2/5 at 8:54pm EST
Mari - oops, Hi Lea
Genie - Is Sara tonight???
Ginger - HI everyone
MelanieJ - logged on. - 2/5 at 8:54pm EST
Genie - Hi Ginger
Sara - you need to clear your cache, Marelou -- this blue banner is something to behold!!
Mari - Hi Ginger
Murialisa - hi ginger
MelanieJ - Hey all
marelou - hi Lea and Ginger
Genie - Hi Melanie
Mari - Hi Melanie
bryony - Ginger
Helena - - 2/5 at 8:54pm EST
Linda Jones - I love the cover. Just got the books today!
Lea - These are cute icons
flashy - logged on. - 2/5 at 8:55pm EST
marelou - brb--changing clothes...can't see me..
Mari - Hi Helena
Cissy - I LIKE the blue banner!
marelou - - 2/5 at 8:55pm EST
DeloresFossen - logged on. - 2/5 at 8:55pm EST
Ann - I picked up OH BABY today and read someof it. Then had to put it back because I didn't have enough cash with me. Got to go back tomorrow. It looks like a very good one. (and I usually do not like baby plotlines)
flashy - Hi All!
Mari - Hi Flash
Sara - am I bugeyed? hey!!! is someone calling ME names??
MelanieJ - And how is everyone this fine February-- uh, it is February, isn't it?
Mari - Hi Delores
Genie - Hi ya Flash!!!!!!!!
Ann - What blue banner Cissy?
Helena -
Ginger - What is it like to get a box full of books that you wrote yourself?
Carol B - logged on. - 2/5 at 8:55pm EST
Cissy - Hi Delores
Cissy - The Blue Viking, Ann
DeloresFossen - Hi, everyone
Genie - Yes its Feb Melanie
Helena - Ann you loser
Ginger - HI Ann I never see you anymore!
Lynsaysands - logged on. - 2/5 at 8:55pm EST
bryony - Delores feeling hairy?
Mari - Hi Carol
Lea - Sandra I love your books they are so fun
Genie - Hi Helena and Delores
Linda Jones - Ginger, I still love it.
Ginger - HI lynsay
amadan - logged on. - 2/5 at 8:56pm EST
Sara - cissy is gaga over the blue viking banner
Lynsaysands - Hi guys
bryony - Lynsay
amadan - - 2/5 at 8:56pm EST
Mari - Hi Lynsay
Murialisa - hi lynsay i LOVED Lady Pirate
Genie - Hi Carol
Mari - Hi amanda
DeloresFossen - Bry, if it's Pierce's hair--then yep
Ann - Hi Ginger!! (and Melanie, and Flash, and Delores and lea.... etc.)
Ginger - I bet That would be a cool thing linda
Genie - Hi Lynsay
flashy - I can;t find the Blue Viking ! Where did anybody find it!
Lynsaysands - Thanks Murialisa! That's a nice welcome LOL
MelanieJ - Hi Ann
Ann - Haven't seen that one yet Cissy.
flashy - hey Ann!
Cissy - Hi Lynsay
bryony - *shudder* Delores
Genie - Yes Lynsay, Lady Pirate was FAB!!
MelanieJ - Not yet. But Leisure books are usually released mid-month
Sara - The Blue Viking wasn't at my waldenbooks either
Ginger - Hmmm Patti isn't here Ihope she isn't feeling worse
DeloresFossen - How are the bruises, Bry
Carol B - Hi Everyone
bryony - The Blue Viking is down here all the time. The banner is great
Helena - Ann Ann Ann
peggywaide - logged on. - 2/5 at 8:57pm EST
MelanieJ - Hi Carol
Lynsaysands - Thanks Genie!
MelanieJ - Hey Peggy
flashy - Oh Lady Pirate! I loved that!
bryony - Fading thanks Delores
Ann - I found BABY OH BABY out today, and DEVIL MAY CARE in Philly.
Genie - Wasn't at mine either Sara!
Ann - Yes Helena??
Mari - Hi peggy
flashy - I need to move hten, Bry!
Lynsaysands - Bruises Bry? What happened?
Cissy - Hi Peggy & Melanie
Lea - so this is my first time in this room. how does things work in here?
MelanieJ - I have been promised a copy of Lady Pirate
DeloresFossen - The banner is great for The Blue Viking!
Cel - Hi to everyone who just came in while I was emailig
Carol B - Hi Genie
Susanna - - 2/5 at 8:58pm EST
flashy - Ann! I havent seen them either! I need new book stores!
bryony - Clobbered by a horse Lynsay
Genie - Flashy, who told you to take time off from writing???
Ginger - I still haven't been able to find Lady Pirate ...but I am going out again this weekend to search
Susanna - Hi everyone !
peggywaide - Hi guys - back from Vegas - got a black eye but no money - hmmm
flashy - Hey Lea, Susanna!
Mari - Hi Susanna
Ginger - HI Susanna
Sara - Lea, since this is the first Monday, the month's authors get to tell us what to go and buy
Cel - And just how did you get a black eye, Peggy?
DeloresFossen - Explain that eye thing, Peggy
MelanieJ - OW, Bryony!
marelou - logged on - 2/5 at 8:59pm EST
flashy - I need a break Genie! I am working thoug! I promise!
Cissy - you got a black eye, Peggy?? Go a few rounds with a bouncer?
Genie - WHAT Peggy, a black eye??? what happened
bryony - Lynsay, is Always still around? My bookstore is having trouble with my order
Lynsaysands - Ouch Bryony!!! Sheesh sweetie you have to be more careful!! Horses are BIG!!
Ginger - Baroom Brawl Peggy?
peggywaide - AND LYNSAY******* read Lady Pirate on the plane out and loved it - go girl - your heroines are great fun!
Sara - a black eye, Peggy?
DeloresFossen - Hi, marelou
Susanna - Hi Marelou!
Mari - wb marelou
Lea - Oh I love Vegas Peggy //smile
flashy - Hey Marelou
peggywaide - Ginger - I wish - I walked into a door - wasn't even drinking
MelanieJ - Peggy, have you been picking fights with bouncers? Or was it that wet t-shirt contest?
flashy - Black eye Peggy? Please explain!
marelou - <sigh> the room wanted to proof me first--wouldn't let me in..
bryony - I wasn't even riding the damn thing, just leading it to its paddock
Genie - Getting to close to the male dancers again Peggy?
Cissy - and do you find yourself having to say "No really, I did!" a lot right now Peggy?
flashy - Ouch Peggy!
marelou - Hello everyone
Lynsaysands - Should be lots of Always in stock Bryony as far as I know. And thanks Peggy. Glad you liked my tough chick book <G>
Ginger - Yeah Like we will believe that story Peggy ...come on tell us what really happened
peggywaide - And I must say - I've never had a black eye - I'm kind of proud of myself
flashy - Horse attack?
Linda Jones - marelou
MelanieJ - Poor Peggy. I got a shiner last year. Dropped a shelf in my MIL's closet onto my head. Lucky it didn't break my nose
Lea - I need litle encougement to buy books jst direct me to the closets bookstore
DeloresFossen - Bry, my worst bruises have happened out of the saddle
Ginger - HI Marelou
bryony - Electric fence shorted through the gate flasy. Horse didn't like it
Lynsaysands - Peggy you been playing fisticuffs with friends? Walked into a door? HUH?
Lea - Hi MareLou
marelou - Hi Ya Linda---I'm on the lookout for Declan's story...
MelanieJ - I like the cover for Baby, O Baby
peggywaide - As for dancers - hmmm - went to a gay dance bar with a friend of mine - he wanted company - I was doing research
Mari - But did you win Peggy?
Carolyn - logged on. - 2/5 at 9:01pm EST
flashy - Ouch! I hope you didn;t get anything broken! How's the horse?
Sara - research??
Linda Jones - Well, marelou, if it's not out there now it will be soon.
Mari - Intel Peggy. I have heard that before?
Genie - Hi Carolyn
marelou - hi Lea, Ginger and Carolyn
MelanieJ - LOL Peggy-- issn't it great being a writer and having an excuse for this stuff?
Cel - Hi Carolyn
Carolyn - Hi everyone!
Mari - Hi Carolyn
Cissy - Linda, are you the only one here tonight with a banner running? Does that put you in the hot seat?
bryony - The tin of dog food is fine, thanks flashy
flashy - Hey Carolyn!
DeloresFossen - Electric fence, huh? Boy, it's a wonder you only got bruises
Lynsaysands - Peg---gy!!!!! You can't do research at a gay bar!! Oh! Not that kind of research <G>
marelou - thanks Linda--i love just love your covers...I'll have to SASE you for some postcards
Linda Jones - I haven't seen my banner yet! They have changed a couple of times, so I'm sure it will run soon.
flashy - ROTFLMAO Oh, poor horsy!
Carolyn - What is everyone talking about tonight?
flashy - Pooe eye too!
bryony - Poor horsey, my Aunt Fanny
Linda Jones - But you can always put me in the hotseat. I have three kids. I;ve been there before. :- )
Sara - Carolyn, we are getting Linda Jones to tell us about her book
peggywaide - OOOOh and I went shopping at Victoria Secrets to buy something celebratory for when my hubby joined me - I took four friends to help- NEVER DO THAT - they kept giving me suggestions of what I could do with my excess bosom
DeloresFossen - I think all the covers have cycled through so Linda's should be up soon
Carol B - logged on. - 2/5 at 9:03pm EST
Genie - brb
MelanieJ - Well, I know what I'd liek to talk about... but I suppose that we should do literature first
flashy - PROTFLMAO Well, bad horsey!
Lea - Hi Carolyn
Cissy - Linda, if you want to force it to rotate faster, right click on the top frame and choose "refresh" or "reload"
Sara - something about woods?
marelou - HI Carol B
Cel - I've seen the banners for Linda, Sandra, and Robin...don't think I've seen one for Stobie yet.
Linda Jones - Am I supposed to be talking about my book?
Ann - "excess bosom"?? (what a mental image)
Sara - out of the woods, no, that would be Peggy and her research
peggywaide - Go Linda - tell us about the book!!!!
Genie - *snicker* Melanie
Sara - Under the woods, no, that isn't right!!
Carol B - Hi marelou
Lea - Hi Carolyn
marelou - into the woods
Linda Jones - It's so hard, sometimes, to describe the fairy tale romance.
Linda Jones - It's so hard, sometimes, to describe the fairy tale romance.
Linda Jones - It's so hard, sometimes, to describe the fairy tale romance.
peggywaide - Very funny Sara
MelanieJ - Well, Peggy, since you brought it up... does Victoria's secret have any new styles of underwear. I mean something revolutionary, like panties that won't creep?
flashy - I remember excess bossum! That was before kids! LOL
Linda Jones - based on Hansel and Gretel
Cissy - Sara, behave! sheesh
Lea - which boo is t linda
peggywaide - Melanie - will have to let Linda talk about her book then talk underwear ooh la la
janz - logged on. - 2/5 at 9:05pm EST
Mari - If they did Melanie, they'd make a killing!
Linda Jones - Okay, why did that come up three times???
bryony - Easy solution to crotch crawl Melanie, don't wear underwear
Ginger - Yes Melenie they are called THONG underware they don't creep because there is nowhere left for them to go!
Cel - Hi janz
Sara - hey, I got the woods part right!!
Mari - Hi janz
marelou - hi janz
peggywaide - Linda - are Handsel and Gretel the heroine and hero - so to speak
Linda Jones - Anyway, the heroine is the witch, and Declan harper goes to her looking for a love potion.
Ann - I just assumed you were very exasperated Linda.
DeloresFossen - Hi, Janz
flashy - Hey Janz
janz - Hi everyone
Sara - because you were having difficulty describing a fairy tale and the room thought it would help you?
MelanieJ - Well, it is time to replace mine again and I just HATE the process because every pair is wose than the ones before
Sara - oh, I like witch books
Linda Jones - Hansel and Gretel became Gretchen a nd Hanson, lying neighboring children Did you really th ink their stepmother took them into the woods and left them?
MelanieJ - Is this humerous Linda? Fairytale?
Lea - yeah it is called no underware //g
Ginger - Go witht he thongs MeL once you get used to them they are great
flashy - If she was smart! ROTFLMAO
Ann - Oh! I saw that one in the store today too!! (so I think we can say Leisure is out in early Feb. in Philly)
Linda Jones - All the fairy tale romances I do are humorous. How could they not be?
arkorchid has timed out.
peggywaide - okay - so the witch and this other guy are hero and heroine and G & H are secondary characters? Am I close????
marelou - /
DeloresFossen - Does Declan have any, um, magical powers
MelanieJ - Gee, Linda-- any gingerbread cottages?
marelou - oopsie--fingers slipped...
Linda Jones - They get to experiment with the love potions, which is fun.
bryony - logged on - 2/5 at 9:08pm EST
Sara - and they LIE??? or was that a typo? I am SO confused!!
Mari - wb bry //codiene
Ann - *psst!* I like the Blue Viking Banner Cissy. (but I like the Stella anthology banner better)
flashy - Linda, ansy magical swans and lakes to cross?
MelanieJ - LOL-- Delores. Good question though
Linda Jones - No gingerbread cottages, but since the witch's name is Matilda Candy, she lives in the Candy house.
flashy - wb Byrony
Cissy - Newsflash for Sara: children sometimes lie!
Linda Jones - No magical swans in this story.
bryony - Thanks Mari, I don't remember logging off
DeloresFossen - We have dirty minds, don't we Melanie
MelanieJ - Cissy! They do?! I'm shocked!
peggywaide - Matilda Candy - great name - how did you choose that?
Genie - wb bry
Linda Jones - Sara, not a typo. The children lie. (but they have their reasons!)
bryony - Nah, Ann, Blue Viking is great
Sara - so, she is a good witch, with magical potions, living in a candy house. And these wretched kids? where do they come in?
marelou - beb--my kids just started pulling each others pants off--
MelanieJ - Oh dear, did Lynsay bounce?
Niteowl - the puter LOVES you, bry.....so much, it kicked you out
peggywaide - Cissy - sometimes???? <g>
Linda Jones - How did I choose the name? It was just her name.
Genie - Speak for yourself Delores! I'm an
Lynsaysands - Where all wrethed kids come in, they cause trouble : ) It sounds great Linda!
Sara - cissy, I am SO SHOCKED!! this cannot be true!! Lying children?
Lea - :::I never have a dirty mind:::::twiddles thumbs and whistles::::::::
Ann - *I* never lied!! (I always answered *exactly* the question that was asked, but I never lied.)
Linda Jones - The kids are not wretched. Just misguided.
DeloresFossen - Right, Genie. I believe that. I really, really do
Lynsaysands - Nope Melanie, here I am
bryony - Little toad Nite
peggywaide - Who do the kids belong too?
flashy - Does he go to copnfront her about teh kids?
Linda Jones - Someone asked if Declan has magical powers. No, but he has other, more important attributes.
Carolyn - - 2/5 at 9:12pm EST
flashy - Confront, I meant
Sara - ATTRIBUTES!!!! woo hooo
Sara - oh, sorry, it was the blue banner. Not my fault
MelanieJ - LOL Linda, a big um... heart?
peggywaide - Bry-what is Little Toad night?
Linda Jones - The kids belong to the neighbors. They sneask to the witch's house to stseal the candy she makes, and to make mischief.
janz - What kind of, ah, attributes?
bryony - *very puzzled and confused*
DeloresFossen - Attributes, huh? I like the sound of that
Genie - now Sara, don't get tooo excited
peggywaide - A nice solid muscular chest????
Niteowl - *puzzled and confused with bryony*
Ann - Hey, NOTHING wrong with attributes.
Carrie - logged on - 2/5 at 9:13pm EST
Mari - HI Carrie
DeloresFossen - Oh, Melanie--a big heart, huh?
Cissy - ooh, wait - did I hear "sold, muscular chest??" *suddenly VERY alert*
Carrie - Hi everyone
peggywaide - And a nice firm ...........derriere
Ann - Nicely muscular biceps?? wavy dark hair? what attributes?
flashy - Hey Carrie!
Niteowl - Hi Carrie
Genie - So what else is new OWL!
Genie - Hi Carrie
Carol B - Hi Carrie
bryony - Er Peggy, it's little toad, Nite
Lea - Ok how do you get thsischat screen toscroll down?
Carrie - are we on protocol?
Ann - Peggy!! a woman after my own
Linda Jones - Yes, Declan definitely has a big . . . heart.
peggywaide - Hey Carrie - welcome - we're talking with Linda Jones about her new book - Into The Woods
Genie - You have been dancing WAY to much Peggy!
Ann - Nope carrie!
DeloresFossen - Can't resist a man with a big heart
Sara - no, carrie, but we are talking to Linda Jones about her new February book
Linda Jones - I'm having trouble here. Declan is a Celtic warrior in a suit. A barbarian who wants to be a gentleman.
MelanieJ - Our Peggy has been dancing again? But not on tables, surely?
Helena - ok Ann the updates are on the way
Sara - okay, he has a heart. What OTHER attributes???
marelou - i love a man with a big....umm..heart...
Genie - Wow he sure looks on the book cover
MelanieJ - Linda, that works better than a gentleman who wants to be a barbarian
Niteowl - marelou
Ann - *definitely picking uo INTO THE WOODS and BABY OH BABY tomorrow*
Linda Jones - Dark hair, big guy, very impatient. And when he falls, he falls hard.
peggywaide - Linda - what time period ? (AND no tables - only hallways)
flashy - big...intelect? LOL
Ann - Bless you Helena!! and
DeloresFossen - Oh, dark hair. My favorite. And don't say it, Bry
Linda Jones - BTW, I finally saw my banner. It looks great!
MelanieJ - Flshy, I like a man with a fiiiiinnnne mind
marelou - ooh!! ooh! I volunteer to catch him...
Linda Jones - ITW is set in Mississippi in 1875.
bryony - *picking hair out of teeth* No worries Delores
Carrie - the banner looks GREAT!
Helena - ok just remember I get first pick of your tade ins
DeloresFossen - Where in Mississippi?
Cissy - oh glad you like it, Linda!
Helena - thats trade ins
flashy - Yeah, it takes brains to opperate big equipment! I ment his intellect! LOL
MelanieJ - Linda, it sounds funa nd charming. Our shipments are always late to Sonora, but I will be on the look out
DeloresFossen - I knew you'd mention it, Bry
Lea - hey can't he stay a barabian
Linda Jones - Declan really wants to marry the local rich belle, and that's why he goes to Matilda for the love potion, but she has other plans.
Mari - bry, have you been biting the horses again???
peggywaide - Bry - I'm shocked
Nanette - logged on - 2/5 at 9:17pm EST
Genie - Yep, that is the truth Flashy!
Ann - Deal Helena!! I'll send you a list! And you get first refusal in Atlanta)
Ginger - Hi Nette
MelanieJ - Hi Nanette
Genie - Hi Nanette
Helena - cool
peggywaide - The story sounds fascinating!!!!
Mari - Hi Nan
Carrie - hi Nanette
peggywaide - Hi Nanette
flashy - Hey Nanettte
Linda Jones - Delores, it's Tanglewood, Mississippi. A fictional place, but it would be near Jackson.
marelou - hi Nanette..
Nanette - HI
Ann - Hi Nanette!
MelanieJ - Is janz Jan Zimlich?
Cissy - it sounds fabulous, Linda
bryony - Not me Mari, Delores has the hair fetish
Nanette - bry, biting horses????
Linda Jones - Thanks, Cissy
Genie - It is on my list Linda, as soon as I hit the book store!
DeloresFossen - Tanglewood sound interesting and fairy-tailish as well. Can't wait to read it
flashy - Linda, can we expect a book two with some facinating secondary characters?
peggywaide - Linda: someone wanted to know who was on the cover??
Linda Jones - It wasn't supposed to be out until mid month, but apparently there have been some sitings!
Cissy - that is one fine back on the cover!
Linda Jones - As for secondary characters, I loved the children, even though they DID lie.
janz - logged on. - 2/5 at 9:20pm EST
Linda Jones - Someone asked about the cover? John DeSalvo.
DeloresFossen - Here in San Antonio, the Leisure books always arrive early.
bryony - No Nanette, I do not bite horses
flashy - LOL So future books, Like Out of teh Woods? LOL
Genie - wb janz
Mari - wb janz
Carrie - I can bet that it will not be available here until the end of the month
MelanieJ - Well, I should have some reading time now that rewrites are done-- thank heavens
Lea - Yeah Me
Cel - wb janz
Genie - Hmm you sure Bry?
Linda Jones - There's also a very devious scheming female. .
Ann - wb janz!
MelanieJ - Hi Jan
Sara - hey, John DeSalvo will be here next week btw
Sara - typing not stripping, sorry, girls
Lea - Oh
peggywaide - And Miss Melanie - congrats on the RT rating for your March book - Like I'm jealous!
Lea - I think he is cute
MelanieJ - Darn, Sara!

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