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trevah - So, Diane, getting any writing done along with travelling to Alabama?
R-Casteel - I hope so Sabrina, Crissy is just starting the editing of Crimson Rose
Sabrina Moses - Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best
DianeWhiteside - I've learned how to write at Starbucks and Seattle's Best. But it's coming a lot slower. Really good stuff though, at least when it gets written.
Giselle/bryony - Hi everyone
DianeWhiteside - Hi, Gis!
trevah - Hi Gis
R-Casteel - Hi bryony
Sabrina Moses - I still waiting on pins-&-needles about my manuscipt, Rod
Oliveria - Are you on a book tour Diane?
cat person - Hi bry
trevah - Liked your excerpts, Diane
Sabrina Moses - D'oh ...manuscript
R-Casteel - It will happen sabrina, just hang in there

DianeWhiteside - Don't I wish I was on a book tour! No, I'm a computer consultant and my current assignment is in Montgomery, AL. So I travel every week.
Sabrina Moses - I'm hanging, Rod
cat person - Hi Cissy
Sabrina Moses - Hi Cissy
Sara-Moderator - well, everyone writes in Starbucks, Diane. you should fit right in
trevah - Going to the meeting Sat. Diane?
DianeWhiteside - Thanks, Trevah! I'm really pleased with how's it coming. It's just slow.
Oliveria - Have you been to Rhode Island?
R-Casteel - Hi Cissy
Sabrina Moses - The grass is always greener, right, Diane?
trevah - Cissy, hey
Sara-Moderator - my local one has table conveniently located next to power outlets. What more could you want?
Giselle/bryony - CISSY!!!!!!! *genuflecting to The Benevolent Goddes*
LaniAames - Hi Crissy!
trevah - Gis is a suck up
LaniAames - Oops, I mean, Cissy!
Giselle/bryony - *sniff* <ignoring Treva>
DianeWhiteside - Yeah, but we're talking about the Starbucks in the midfield concourse at Dulles Airport!
Sabrina Moses - Confusing, isn't is? Crissy-cissy whatever
trevah - that sniffing problem needs to be looked at

Sara-Moderator - ah, sorry, Diane. That is an INTERESTING Starbucks
Sabrina Moses - Geez, I can't type tonight isn't it, I mean
R-Casteel - Dulles airport, yuck!!
Giselle/bryony - Hi Marly //wavre
trevah - Hi folks
Giselle/bryony - um, that's
Sara-Moderator - at least you aren't using AirTrans. Their terminals don't even have Starbucks!
R-Casteel - Hey marly and shey
LaniAames - Hi, Marly
MarlyChance - Hi G/b!
Giselle/bryony - go look at your own sniffs Treva
Sabrina Moses - Love coffee shops ...they're cool
DianeWhiteside - You'd be surprised at the number of people doing the same thing. LOL
Sara-Moderator - we will start in a few minutes
MarlyChance - Hi Lannette!
cat person - hi shey and marly
Sabrina Moses - But rather be here at home with coffee in hand and cig in the tray 8BG*
DianeWhiteside - I'm strictly Delta or United.
Sabrina Moses -
MarlyChance - Hi Rod
angelaknight - Hellooooo!!!
Sabrina Moses - Hi Angela
trevah - hey AK
Sara-Moderator - hi, Angela, you hitting both chats tonight?
Giselle/bryony - Hi Julie
trevah - we're getting good at saying hi anyhow
R-Casteel - HI Angle
Sabrina Moses - BRB ...hubby's coming in the door
Oliveria - Sabrina
MarlyChance - Hi AK!
DianeWhiteside - Hi, Julie!
angelaknight - Yep, I'm going to both. I hope to be writing for Ellora soon anyway.

Sara-Moderator - yes, well, Diane, your company pays , when you are doing your own thing, you go cheap, at least we do!
DianeWhiteside - Whoopee! I'm looking forward to seeing your name on an Ellora's Cave book.
Sara-Moderator - Angela, (Julie) it would be really nice if you could send me your biography!!
angelaknight - Diane
DianeWhiteside - Let's not talk about my company's taste in hotels. They're cheap! It looked like the set for a bad murder mystery.
Sara-Moderator - I am SO tired of looking at a blank page!
MarlyChance - Hi AK!
trevah - And you want to see what we're really like, AK? Oh oh
angelaknight - Sara -- Where do I send it? I be confused.
Sara-Moderator - send it to me sara@writerspace.com I will make sure it is added
Oliveria - On Romance and Friends we are talking to
trevah - Darn, if I call Diane DW it's like a the kid's cartoon Arthur
Sara-Moderator - photos are nice too. it is a known fact that books with photos sell better

Oliveria - Faelen Foley it should be fun.
trevah - Marly hi again--hey Jaid
Giselle/bryony - wb Marly
Jaid Black - hi everyone
Giselle/bryony - Hi Jaid *chomping Violet Crumble*\
DianeWhiteside - Hi, Jaid, Marly!
cat person - brb
MarlyChance - Thanks G/b -- got booted
LaniAames - Hi Jaid
Jaid Black - Hi Diane Hi Gis...and quit holding the crumble hostage!

R-Casteel - Hello Jade
MarlyChance - Hi Diane & Jaid!
Sara-Moderator - well, this is the first month no one bothered to send me information on your releases . Should I feel snubbed?
trevah - we could regreet everyone every time they get booted all night
angelaknight - Hi, Jaid!
Giselle/bryony - What's it worth to you Jaid??? *smug grin*
Oliveria - Yes you should
trevah - We didn't know for sure we were on tonight until recently
MarlyChance - hi treva (hoping to stay around this time)
trevah - I kept saying I think we're chatting but no one was sure
Sara-Moderator - yeah, Oliveria, that is what I thought too. And no one answers my emails. It is extremely discouraging

Oliveria -
angelaknight - Sara -- Hey, write me at angelaknight2002@msn.com and we'll talk about what you need. I'm easily confused.
Jaidlyn Black - arrg! its gonna be one of them nights where I keep geeting booted
Sara-Moderator - okay, let's go.

Jaidlyn Black - Sara who do you mean?

Sara-Moderator - Tonight, our first chat of a evening is

Giselle/bryony - WHAT do you lot do to your puters?? Why are you always getting booted?
R-Casteel - Sara, do you have my website
SheriRC - Hi All
Oliveria - I thought you were a computer person
Sara-Moderator - the authors of Elloras Cave. I would like each of you to do a short introduction and tell us what you have available.
Jaid - I'm on name 3 now!!!!!!
Daio - Finally figured out how to get in!
Sara-Moderator - no, rod, I don't
trevah - are we being moderated tongiht
Jaid - Diane you're first in the queue
DianeWhiteside - Hi, Daio!
Cissy - Yes, let's hear about the new stuff!
angelaknight - Daio! Hey, girl!
mema - Marly, I am still thinking about OSS. Told my dh to stop being so picky. Am looking for my linkmate. Sharon from EC group.
Sabrina Moses - Okay am back
R-Casteel - www.geocities.com/casteelcorner
trevah - I mean using protocol
Sabrina Moses - Hey, JC!
Sabrina Moses - And others I miss while heating up hubby's dinner
DianeWhiteside - Moi? Okay, I'm Diane Whiteside, author of "The Hunter's Prey: Tales of Texas Vampires." It's a collection of stories, all told by the lucky ladies who encountered one of my gentlemen. //grin
LaniAames - Hey, Jaid. When you get booted, make sure you hit the Logoff button, then you can log back on with the same name.
MarlyChance - mema/sharon, keep working on him
Cissy - Sara, maybe if you call on one author at a time?
Dominique / JCWilder - Hey Sabrina!
Dominique / JCWilder - Sara - who would you like to go first?
DianeWhiteside - I'm currently working on THE SWITCH, which should be out in March.
Sara-Moderator - rod, you need to send it to me in email. it will be gone in a minute and I can't get it down in time
Oliveria - OH NO is this a vampire chat!!!!
Sara-Moderator - I am trying, but as usual, being ignored *sniff*
Jaid - thanks Lani lol
DianeWhiteside - Oops, sorry if I spoke out of turn.
Sara-Moderator - Let's start in alpha order, across the top
mema - Hi, Jaid, Sabrina, Rod, Diane,Diao, trevah,
Jaid - we would never ignore you Sara my dear
LaniAames -
Sara-Moderator - Diane is first, etc.
trevah - hmm who is most alpha?>
Daio - Hi all!
Cissy - Sara, you know you have a whip now...
DianeWhiteside - One more time.
angelaknight - Hi, Daio!
DianeWhiteside - Moi? Okay, I'm Diane Whiteside, author of "The Hunter's Prey: Tales of Texas Vampires." It's a collection of stories, all told by the lucky ladies who encountered one of my gentlemen.
Cissy - of course this group might enjoy it
Dominique / JCWilder - I have multiple names but when I'm with EC it is Dominique Adair and I have a vampire short, LAST KISS available
Sara-Moderator - I do have a secret weapon, guys, and if I have to use it...well, it won't be pretty!
Giselle/bryony - CISSYYYYYYYYY! That's just mean!!!!!!!
Jaid - hi Daio
DianeWhiteside - I'm currently working on The Switch, about an ex-Army Ranger and the Treasury bureaurcrat he meets in a Seattle bookstore.
Sabrina Moses - @ Cissy's remark
Oliveria - //wip
Sara-Moderator - Jaid, Lani, Marly, Rod, Angela, Treva (did I get you all?)
Jaid - My name is Jaid and I just released NO FEAR - book 5 of my futuristic/erotic series. Coming soon is SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES with Shelby Morgen, Kate Douglas, and MaryJanice Davidson
Oliveria -
Sara-Moderator - that one sounds good, Diane. a bureaucrat (I can't spell tonight)
Sara-Moderator - heard interesting things about NO FEAR
Sara-Moderator - Lani?
mema - Jaid, just got NO FEAR will read this week. Everybook just get better and better.
angelaknight - Is the thing stuck or what?
Dominique / JCWilder - //grin
Jaid - uh oh Sara what did you hear? (fraid to ask! lol)
Jaid - thanks mema...I appreciate that
LaniAames - I'm Lanette Curington, but when I write for EC, I'm Lani Aames. My latest from EC was the novella "Jingle's Belle" in the NAUGHTY OR NICE Christmas anthology.
SheriRC - Jaid, I loved no fear. One question though ,there are a lot of parts of the story that were unfinished...are they going to be finished in the next story?
Sara-Moderator - no, I am waiting on authors to introduce
Nancy875 - Hi, all!
trevah - Is Lani booted?
Sara-Moderator - interesting things, Jaid
Giselle/bryony - Hi Nancy
MarlyChance - Hi! I’m Marly Chance. My first book, “Oath of Seduction” has just been released at Ellora’s Cave.
LaniAames - Nope, not booted, just typing slow.
Cissy - Hi to those coming in! We're chatting with authors from Ellora's Cave
Sara-Moderator - ah, I recognized your name Marly.
Daio - Hi Mj
angelaknight - BRB
Jaid - yes Sheri...Sheri C? Armageddon is going to be very long so I'll tie it all up.
Giselle/bryony - Hi MJ
R-Casteel - I am knew to Ellora's cave, my book, The Crimson Rose will be out in April, I am working on a paranormal at this time
mema - Marly, when will you finish OOC??????
MarlyChance - LOL Sara. I confess I am the double poster from paranormal
MaryJanice - Hello! It's me! Rejoice!
SheriRC - Oh great news Jaid! Yes, it's me
Jaid - hi MJ lol
MaryJanice - R-Casteel, you will LOVE Ellora's Cave. I write for half a dozen publishers, and E.C. is one of my absolute favorites.
trevah - Me? Treva Harte-- my next one looks like it will be World Enough, the third of The Deviants series
SheriRC - Hi MaryJanice
Sara-Moderator - ah, well, I really recognized you then, Marly
MarlyChance - Sharon, good question. LOL I promise I'm working on it.
Giselle/bryony - er, yeah ... sure thing MJ ...
Jaid - I'm glad you liked it...I was kinda afraid how everyone would react to planet Dementia and Wassa lol
Sara-Moderator - Angela, then Mary Janice
MaryJanice - Jaid, how many of you are there in here? It says Jaid Black, and Jaid. Creepy! Uh...in a good way.
Sara-Moderator - or are you not ready Angela?
Dominique / JCWilder -
Oliveria -
MaryJanice - Angela, THEN MaryJanice? I'm outta here...
angelaknight - Hi. I'm really ANgela. I'm just cooking lunch
Sabrina Moses - Love the book-owl, JC
MaryJanice - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! (I told you, I'm married...) SheriRC - Jaid, did Crissy end up taking out the part she was concerned about? I didn't think anything was too wild
angelaknight - Yeah, I'm working on a book with Diane called CAPTIVE DREAMS.
Giselle/bryony - *smacking Jaid and confiscating her Violet Crumble*
Sara-Moderator - okay, MaryJanice you are last
Daio - I'm looking forward to Captive Dreams
Jaid - yes Sheri...or it was revised a bit. Nothing too wild?? EEK!! The death kiss!! LOL
MaryJanice - Angela, what's the book about? Is it through E.C.? Release date?
MaryJanice - Sara!!!!!!!
trevah - Ha, no longer least alpha-MJ and AK must go last
DianeWhiteside - Grrreat cover, Daio, for Captive Dreams!
Sara-Moderator - Daio, are you an author with EC too?
Jaid - please tell me the sex was at least hot lol
Sabrina Moses - Nothing to wild?!? I thought that was EC's motto
Daio - Nope, I'm the cover artist.
MaryJanice - Trevah, you are SO MEAN.
angelaknight - I dunno on the release date. But it's about a sexy cyborg and a barbarian warrior who kidnap two authors and screw them vigorously.
mema - JC, Loved One with the Hunger and have #2, #3, #4, #5. Go girl.
SheriRC - Yes Jaid, very! Anglea and Diane, I can't wait till yours is out!
Sara-Moderator - well, welcome, Daio
Jaid - sounds good angela
elizajane202 - hi ya'll
Sara-Moderator - elizajane202, tonight our guests are the amazing authors of Ellora's Cave. We are on protocol, if you want to ask a question, type a to be put in line. You will be called on in turn. Thank you.
MaryJanice - Oooooh, yeah, I heard about that on your list. Don't they "punish" the writers for all the things the women have put them through? Yoink! Like "Misery", except with sex.
Dominique / JCWilder - Thanks Mema - number 6 is in the works. I just posted the prologue at www.jcwilder.com
Cissy - LMAO, Angela!
Oliveria - ?
R-Casteel - Hi Daio, didn't see you come in
MaryJanice - Yeah, you guys, follow protocol or the whips will come out. So nyah!
mema - Daio, and what COVERS you do girl.
angelaknight - Oh, yeeahhh. My cyborg does all the steamy VR scenerios...
Jaid - and hopefully they don't cut off limbs Diane & angela!
Sara-Moderator - Oliveria has the first question (no one in line)
Jaid - (a bit different from misery i'm thinkin MJ lol)
Sabrina Moses - Nyah?!?
DianeWhiteside - No limbs missing...but there is "The Tasting Room."

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