A Man Worth the Wait…

By Laura Griffin Readers have been asking me for years about the sexy and mysterious Scott Black, and I’m thrilled to finally share his story! AT CLOSE RANGE, the eleventh book in my New York Times bestselling Tracers series, hits book stores this week. As a ballistics expert and former Navy SEAL, Scott Black knows… Read More

Just the Right Match

by Kat Martin Finding the right match for the hero and heroine is one of the toughest and most exciting parts of writing a novel.  The hero of INTO THE FIRESTORM is Luke Brodie, one of my strongest, toughest, sexiest heroes. Luke, a former special forces soldier, is a bounty hunter who works at Brodie… Read More


Stories come to me in pieces, kind of like a puzzle I find in a box without a picture on the outside of what the finished product will look like. WILD HORSE SPRINGS came to me like that.  I wasn’t writing one story, but several that would merge at a crossroads that would change all… Read More

1 Dirty Secrets

by Shiloh Walker We’ve all got secrets, right? For some of us, they are silly or stupid things, even if they are embarrassing. For others, they are…huge.  The kind of things that end careers or relationships and people would do a lot to keep those secrets hidden. But secrets sort of have a life of… Read More

2 Never Say Never

by Lyn Cote A few decades ago when my husband and I became engaged, he said, “I’d like us to live in the northwoods.” I knew his family owned property on a lake in far northern Wisconsin near the southern shore of Lake Superior. At the time we were living in a suburb of Chicago… Read More

1 And Now It’s A New Year

by Linda O. Johnston Last month I blogged about the end of 2016, so it feels only natural to blog today about the beginning of 2017. If you read my blog last month you’ll know that I anticipate the publication of two new books, in different genres, this year: BAD TO THE BONE, the third… Read More

What Makes Falling In Love Worth The Wait?

by A. J. Pine Today is the release day for the fourth and final book in my Kingston Ale House series (all stand-alone titles). For this book, I wanted to challenge my hero and heroine, Jeremy and Grace, as well as my readers to be—patient. Because here is the thing. When Jeremy meets Grace, he’s… Read More

The Earl or The Pirate

by Gina Danna Happy New Year!!! The beginning of a new year is always full of expectations with plenty of hope and desires soon to be met. Yet, there can also be fear of the unknown, of what is to come, that can send some people to worry. Many of us hold a combination of… Read More

Why She’s the President of My Heart

POTUS (A Powerplay Novel) When I developed the idea for my January 20th release, POTUS, Hillary Clinton was barely a glimmer in the eye of the primary storms. There was no way to know that she would become the first major party female nominee for president, nor the general chaotic mess that the US presidential… Read More

Romantic Cities and Steamy Romance

 by Emily Jane Trent A frequent question from my readers is: “Do you travel a lot?” Why would readers ask that? In my steamy romance books the characters visit other countries, so it might seem like I travel and write from my personal experience. The opposite is true. My life hasn’t allowed for travel, since… Read More