A Killing Touch

Sensory Ops Series #4

by Nikki Duncan

Samhain Publishing

March 5, 2013

ISBN-10: B00B221O2I

ISBN-13: B00B221O2I

Available in: e-Book

A Killing Touch
by Nikki Duncan

He’s everything she craves. She’s everything he dreads.

Journalist Lana Quinn has a way with hard-hitting news. The story she’s uncovered has potential, but she needs the help of her best friend’s FBI team. She’s been rescued by them, worked with them, and partied with them, but convincing the second in command to believe her theory—that a killer’s touch sets off a lethal allergic reaction—is a frustrating challenge.

Especially since he excites her, body and mind. He’s a danger she shouldn’t indulge.

Aidan Burgess is resistant to helping Lana, but not for the reason she thinks. She has a knack for landing herself in trouble, which means she needs protection. Protecting her means staying near her, a journalist, who like all journalists uses whatever—and whomever—it takes to get her story. It’s a case he wants to refuse.

Especially since she lights a fire in his blood. She’s a danger he can’t afford.

As Lana follows up on lead after deadly lead, learning to trust and rely on each other becomes their only lifesaving hope. If their pride doesn’t become their final pitfall.

Nikki Duncan's Bio

Nikki Duncan, jokingly known to some as Naughty Nikki, juggles her time between writing, multiple jobs, household duties, and family. Of all the things on her To Do List, Nikki neglects the household chores most frequently. Then again, who doesn't want to ignore laundry and dishes?

Before turning to writing, Nikki passed her spare time with a hundred or so romance books a year. While the reading has tapered off a bit, her love of books and reading is stronger than ever. She now spends large chunks of time indulging in her love of creating stories that will hopefully offer people the peace that, regardless of whatever is wrong with their life, hope and faith in something better can always be found between the covers of a book.

In an attempt to strengthen her writing and story-telling techniques, Nikki dissects published books to see how published authors accomplish things. She has taken classes to bone up on grammar and punctuation, and though she's always been a strong speller she's eternally grateful for spell check in Word. When she has extra time (ha-ha) she reads craft books, searches the web for writing tips and secrets, and picks the brains of other writers willing to share what they've learned. As if that's not enough, she inhales workshops on CD that even remotely pertain to her writing or future goals.

It may be seen as overconfidence, but Nikki never wondered IF she would be published. For her, it was a matter of WHEN, because the only way to succeed is to keep pushing forward and getting better.