Obsidian's Eye

Eye of the Ninja Chronicles #2

by D. M. Marlowe

Self Published

December 10, 2016

Available in: e-Book

Obsidian's Eye
by D. M. Marlowe

All eyes are on her . . .

After four long years of running and hiding, Mei finally defeated the mysterious yokai who murdered her father. But her victory has brought her no closer to her dreams of peace, stability and a home.

The Girl With the Stars In Her Eyes isn’t running away anymore. She’s moving forward instead—straight toward an even bigger monster. She’s accepted her destiny, but she has much to learn before she can defeat the evil Inaba. Leaving Ryu, she has knowledge to seek, allies to find and ruthless yokai to battle. With her go her new friends, including Ken Sato, the young man who inspires so many conflicted feelings.

She’ll have to see clearly to know whom to trust . . .

D. M. Marlowe's Bio

D. M. Marlowe lives in North Carolina with her family and two cats. When she is not spoiling them all, she is probably writing. Failing that, she’s likely lost in a book or movie, on a long walk, gardening or hanging with her friends.