Erika Chase

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So what’s the big deal?

My second book, READ AND BURIED, came out at the beginning of December. It’s the next in line to A KILLER READ in the Ashton Corner Book Club mysteries. Having been through the writing, editing, cover conference, release day, launch, promotion cycle before, you’d think I’d be used to it. No big deal…right?

Well, wrong. At least from my perspective. I’m finding every aspect just as exciting the second time around. I was relieved and thrilled, tinged with a tiny bid sad, when I finished the manuscript and sent in it to the editor. Sad because I’d enjoyed spending time with the book club gang and working through this mystery. Then the waiting-on-tenterhooks period descended. Would my editor like it? Would there be major revisions? What am I doing with my life?

The editing round went smoothly as did the cover discussion. Then into the next phase entitled, Will the Readers Like It?

Usually the author copies arrive a week or so before the release date. Because of Hurricane Sandy, shipping from the warehouse was delayed and prioritized – the bookstores got them first. No problem with that. But, until I have the book in my hands, there’s still that sense of disbelief. Is it really a book? Did I really write this? And, back to the big one, will the readers like it?

The launch is the big ‘reveal’ and high-pitched excitement, the format for the evening. I was so happy to share the launch with my good friend and fellow member of The Ladies’ Killing Circle (our critiquing group), Joan Boswell whose fourth book, CUT TO THE BONE, came out a month ago. Even after four, Joan admits it’s still as great a feeling.

Now, the reviews are starting to come in and the promotional journey is beginning. I’ve already done several signings and am registered for Left Coast Crime in March, and Malice Domestic in May where I’m hoping to meet as many readers, and fellow cozy writers, as possible. That’s as far ahead as I’ve planned because by that point, I’ll be going through this process yet again with the third book, COVER STORY, which is at the editor and due out in August.

And, I think it will just as exciting as this time. And last time. What I’m doing with my life is enjoying it! Writing cozies – it’s a really big deal to me.


A Killer Read

If you follow Erika Chase on Facebook or Twitter, you’re undoubtedly aware that Thurs. April 19th was Launch Night! It was a time to officially celebrate the first Ashton Corners Book Club mystery, A KILLER READ.

Not that anyone who was following could have missed the fact that as of April 3rd it was on the bookshelves in local stores and available on line. And, please allow me a little BSP here, as I’m sure this will happen only once in my life – it made #2 on the Barnes & Noble Mystery Bestseller list and #28 on their overall list that week! I don’t know if I was more shocked or delighted. Probably a dead heat.

So now, two weeks and some days later, we had the launch. Why bother, you might ask? As I’ve just stated, almost everyone knows about it already.

True. But the point of the launch is to celebrate big with writing friends and readers. It’s a wonderful, supportive community and I know, A KILLER READ wouldn’t have made that bestseller list without a lot of reviewing, tweeting, and liking by friends.

Of course, writers write for themselves, for the pure pleasure of weaving together a story and then sharing it with the readers. So, this is also a celebration of the reader. Without them, who would buy the books? Okay, relatives are a given. But we’re truly thankful that someone chooses to buy, read and enjoy what we’ve spent so many months writing and agonized over through rewrites and edits.

Every writer recognizes that there are tons of new books on the bookshelves, be they virtual or of the brick and mortar variety, every month. And, as wonderful as it would be to buy every new book, it’s just not possible. There’s that small item called ‘budget’. That’s reality.

How wonderful then to find my book gathering a readership! I love hearing from someone who’s just finished reading the book and wants to share his or her reaction to it. It’s all part of the process of growing as a writer. Every comment, even the negative one, is useful; every positive response is an affirmation of the writer and an added incentive to keep on telling the story.

That’s the role that readers play in this partnership called books. So my launch of A KILLER READ was a celebration of all of us. Thank you for joining in!

Virtual hugs to all, Erika

READ & BURIED, coming Dec., 2012



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