Ann Christopher

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Ann Christopher

In my latest romantic suspense in my Deadly Series, DEADLY DESIRES, Kira Gregory, the heroine, is the abused and terrorized wife of a drug kingpin. Without getting into all the gory details, let’s just say that her villainous husband takes her on a trip through hell and back before she finally finds happiness with Dexter Brady, the DEA agent who helps bring her husband to justice.

Oh, and she has a sidekick during her adventures: her two-year old beagle, Max.

Max is also occasionally in danger, because evil husband is willing to destroy anything that Kira loves.

Max, in fact, has gotten a couple of mentions in e-mails from concerned readers. Some readers seem more concerned about Max than they do about Kira.

So … what gives?

Do we love the pets more than the people? Do you consider pets in danger a taboo? Do you like pets as sidekicks in your romances? And can you remember a favorite pet sidekick? I’d love to hear your comments! At the end of the day, I’ll be giving away a copy of the first novel in the series, Deadly Pursuit, which introduces Kira, Max and Dexter.

Seduced on the Red Carpet

My latest romance, SEDUCED ON THE RED CARPET
(Harlequin/Kimani) is on shelves now.  It’s the story of supermodel Livia Blake, who goes on vacation to the Napa Valley and falls in love with Hunter Chambers, a winemaker.  Since I’ve never been to the region and know precious little about wine, I had to do a fair amount of research.

Here, in no particular order, are five fun facts I’ve learned about wine/winemaking:

  1. Some of the “old vine” wines come from plants that are over 100   years old;
  2. Some of the wineries serve meals in their wonderfully atmospheric storage caves;
  3. The loads of grapes that vineyard workers balance on their heads weigh around 40 lbs.;
  4. Viticulture is the cultivation of grapes; enology is the science of wine and winemaking; and
  5. The University of California Davis and Washington State University both offer degree programs in V&E.

Fun, huh?

To celebrate the release of Seduced, I’m giving away a copy to a commenter at the end of the day—just tell me your favorite wine and you’ll be entered to win!

Can This Man Be Saved?


You’ve seen the politician apology press conference, right?  It’s where the disgraced politician apologizes for [INSERT BAD BEHAVIOR HERE], hangs his head, and swears he’ll do better.  Sometimes his wife is there at the podium, offering her support. 


Have you ever wondered why the wife stood up there with him?  What happened after the press conference?  Whether the marriage would survive and, if so—why?


I have.


Which brings me to Beau Taylor, the unfaithful and self-destructive former governor and hero of my latest Harlequin/Kimani Romance, Redemption’s Kiss. 


As you’ve probably realized by now, Beau’s not very heroic when the story opens.  In fact, having torpedoed his marriage to Jillian, the love of his life, in my last book, Campaign for Seduction, he’s the lowest of the low.  He has nothing to live for and no one to care if he dies. 


Once, long ago, he had everything in the palm of his hand: career, prestige, and, best of all, the love of Jillian, the woman he’s always worshipped.  But then things went horribly wrong, he made poor choices, and he lost it all, including his zest for life.


These days, he drinks, parties, and fills the excruciating hours with meaningless women.  Every day he hates himself just a little bit more than yesterday.  Every day he searches for a reason to exist and comes up empty.


And then, in a nightmarish flash, everything changes, and this is where the real story begins.


Can Beau change?  Is he redeemable?


I think so.


Suddenly, he has a second chance at life, one he’s determined not to waste.  Now, nothing will stop him from healing his damaged soul and becoming a worthwhile human being.  Nothing will stop him from becoming the world’s best father to his precious little girl.  Nothing will stop him from becoming a deserving partner to Jillian, and reclaiming her love.




I hope you’ll pick up a copy of his story, which is on shelves now!


But first, tell me: can you forgive a romance hero who’s cheated?  Who are some of your favorite really-screwed-up heroes?

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